My Muted Mate - Good

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Title: My Muted Mate.

Author: Maroon1479

Genre: Werewolf

Status: Completed

My Rating: Good

Review Originally Published: July 7, 2014

Checked April 28, 2017

Reads: 15.6M

Official Synopsis:

RUSSO'S BOOK ONE! Abigail Crow never had the best life. Her father is abusive and her mother an alcoholic. The only thing stopping her from calling the police is her little brother, Tyler, who she doesn't want to get separated with. Her father tormented her all her life, she socially awkward and traumatized that she forced to stay quiet, her father not wanting to risk anything. Scott Russo is just like any other guy-aside from his family being all wolves. He watches his brothers be with their mates and wants that, but after two years of being alone, he still waiting. So when Abigail and Scott meet, both their lives changes. - - - Second Book Is Called My Rebellious Mate Third Book Is Called My Warlock Mate


* Immediately this story was different – there aren't a ton of werewolves, just one "cursed" family.

* Scott says he can't look at other girls and be interested in them like normal guys, he can't feel for girls not his mate. NOT a man whore! YAY!!!

* Ask and ye shall receive – sort of. I just updated the first "chapter" of this list with my likes and dislikes. I asked anyone to point me to a story about a slut girl who meets a virgin guy and he reforms her. Turns out this is the story of two of the secondary characters in this book! Wow! Thank you!!

* I'm marking this as Good. It was different and cute. I liked the extra chapters at the end. They tell us about a few things that happened over the years after the main story ends.

* The sequel, My Rebellious Mate, was also good. I liked the twist that it's a girl werewolf and a human guy mate. It turned the usual story around.

For my fellow grammar sticklers:

* First chapter – surprisingly good grammar and spelling! Spotted two mistakes in chapter 1. Two! Wow!

* Later chapters have many more errors, but it remains readable for me. It seems the author may have edited the beginning chapters but not the whole book. If I wasn't so into the story by this point, it could be a problem. I did make it though!

* It got even worse, but then I was hooked. This probably would have been a Favorite if it wasn't for the grammar issues. I'm marking it Good. I hope the author edits it. I read this on 6/24/2014 in case all this has changed when you get to it.

* The sequel, My Rebellious Mate, had the same bad grammar mistakes, but I was able to read it.

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