Chapter 3

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Gerard's POV

Yesterday it was a strange day. I talked to Scarlet a little and today at the shop she would talk to me again. And I didn't know what I was going to talk with her about. I wasn't good at socializing. I mean, I wanted to have a nice relationship with her, I liked her. She was so beautiful and sexy, and she was quite nice to me. But I just couldn't be able to trust her much.

I took some money and my keys. I took my phone, too. I don't know why I even had one, no one ever called me and I didn't call anybody, but well. Just 'in case', that's what I liked to think.

I walked in the shop as soon as I parked the car.

"Morning, Gerard" Scarlet greeted

"Hey" I said giving her a quick look

I walked to the Alternative Rock section and found Nirvana's Nevermind. I wanted that CD so bad. I didn't usually see it at music shops, it was always 'sold out'.

I looked at the cash, where Scarlet was talking to a customer. I could feel a smile appear on my face. I looked back at the CDs and checked out some of them, still holding the Nevermind CD.

"How are you doing?" Scarlet asked suddenly

"Huh, fine. You?" I asked looking at the CDs with an 'I don't care'  voice tone.

"Fine" she said

I could tell she was smiling, like always.

"Do you need help?"

"Uh, no thanks" I said

Scarlet's POV

"Uh, no thanks" Gerard said

I nodded and started to walk back to the cash.

"Oh, fuck..." I heard Gerard say

I turned around to see him looking at the coins in his hand and at the CD prize. I guessed he didn't have enough money. I went to the cash and took a plastic bag, then walked back to where Gerard was. I took the CD from his hands. He looked at me with a confused facial expression. I put the CD in the bag and gave it to him.

"What are you doing?" he asked confused

"For you" I said with a smile

He raised both of his eyebrows.

"Sorry I can't accept it" he said pulling the bag back to me

"Keep it" I said with a laugh and a big smile "Take it as a present."

"But I can't"

"Gerard it's just nine dollars please! Keep it" I said smiling

"I have seven here. I'll bring you the two dollars left tomorrow" he said

"Keep them, seriously"


I smiled to him. He looked at the bag and then back at me.

"Thank you" he said smiling

Wow, he was smiling to me. That was new.

"Do you want to go out and have some coffee later? Today I finish at 12 PM" I said

"I... I don't know..." he said looking at the floor

I could see in his eyes he wanted to. But I didn't know why he always said no.

"C'mon" I said

He looked up at me and nodded.

"Okay" he said with a little smile "But this time I pay"

He let out a breathed laugh and I laughed, too.

"I'll wait for you outside the shop at 12. Is that okay?" I asked

He nodded and then smiled.

"Good. I'll see you later"

I walked with him to the door.

"Goodbye, Gerard" I said waving my hand

"Goodbye, Scarlet" he said

I smiled to him and he smiled back. I watched him walk to his car. He turned around and I waved. He smiled and so did I, then I closed the cristal door and went back to work. I was so excited about today. Mabye I could get to know him better, and I would love to.

Gerard's POV

I drove home happily. I was so excited, I couldn't wait to meet her there! I couldn't stop thinking that I was going to spend some time with a girl! A GIRL! Plus I hadn't gone out in ages. But then I thought about the speaking part. I didn't know what to talk with her about. I started making dialogues in my head...

When I arrived home, I had a shower. Then I dried and got dressed. I was wearing a pair of jeans with a white Ramones t-shirt and black Converses. I brushed my teeth but I wanted a cigarette, so i smoked it. When I finished it, I had a mint chewing gum. Then I put some cologne on.

It was 20 minutes left untill 12. I took my keys, my phone, a box of cigarettes and another one of mint chewing gums. I put on my black leather jacket and left home. I drove to the shop with a smile, but I was a bit nervous. And scared, too.

When I arrived, there were still five minutes left untill twelve, so I waited for Scarlet smoking a cigarette outside.

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