Chapter Two ▫ Red Flags.

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Santana's POV

I finish getting ready early and decide to head to Rachel's house to help her get ready.

Rachel has never been the fashion type. Her clothing tastes are very dull and nun like. With a friend like me you'd think she'd learn something.

Rachel texts me saying her door is unlocked so I let myself in and head to her room.


Rachel:I'm in the bathroom.

Santana:Ok. (Flops on her bed).

I pull out my phone and scroll through my social media apps. A few minutes later Rachel comes out of the bathroom fully dressed and I can't help but be shocked by her outfit.

Santana:Rachel. You actually look...decent.

Rachel:(Looks at her outfit and smiles)Really?

Santana:(Nods)Yeah. It's shocking.


Santana:No. Thank you for not dressing like an old lady for once. I really appreciate that.

Rachel:(Playfully rolls her eyes).

Santana:We can go to the party early now that I don't have to beat the ugly outfit off of your body.

Rachel:(Smiles and grabs her phone).

We get in the car and turn on the radio while I drive. I use my GPS to find Quinn's house and it doesn't take us very long to get there.

The house is pretty big but still looks packed. If you ask me Quinn used the "Welcome Home" excuse just so she could throw a party.

Rachel sticks close to me while I go to the kitchen to grab a drink.

Santana:(Pours beer in her cup)You thirsty Rach?

Rachel:No thanks that stuff smells gross.

Santana:(Shrugs)If you say so.

Rachel:(Looks around)Hey I think I see Kurt and Blaine let's go. (Tugs on Santana's arm).

Santana:Jesus. Ok I almost spilled this on my outfit.

Rachel walks ahead of me. I slowly follow her while checking my outfit for any beer stains. As I continue to walk with my head down I walk into someone's front. I groan because some of my beer spills on my shoes and splashes onto my legs.

Ready to snap I look up at the person who was in my way but calm down as my eyes meet bright blue ones. It's shocking how bright they are because the room is so dimly lit.

The girl in front of me smirks then speaks.

"I'm sorry about that. It's kinda dark in here."

Her voice is so gentle and calm.

Santana:Um yeah it is.

"I can get you a towel come on."

I go to protest but the girl takes my hand and leads me upstairs.

As the stranger leads the way my body stays in panic mode. I'm at a high school party being dragged god knows where. That's a red flag. I don't say anything but I keep my guard up.

The stranger stops by a hallway closet and flicks a switch that brings light to the area. As she looks through the closet for a towel I use the time to take in her appearance. She has long blond hair and smooth thin lips. She has a light tan and is a few inches taller then me.

She turns and looks down at my shoes and slightly damp shins.

"May I?"


She bends down and wipes the small droplets of beer off of my shoes. She drags the towel over the fronts and backs of my legs before slowly standing tall.

"That should do it."

Santana:If you wanted to feel me up you could've just asked.

She smirks at me.

"I wouldn't consider drying your calves "feeling you up" and asking is way too easy."

I smile at her quick response and obvious flirting.

"So did you come alone?"

Santana:Following a stranger upstairs at a high school party was already a dumb thing to do. Answering that question would be another.

"You can trust me."

Santana:(Laughs)I don't even know you.

"We can change that. Hi I'm Brittany."

Santana:(Smiles)Hi Brittany. I'm Santana.

Brittany:Look at that we're making progress.


Brittany:(Smiles)So how do you know Quinn?

Santana:Sadly I go to school with her.


Santana:Yeah she's kind of a pain in the ass.

Brittany:Why come to the party if you don't like her?

Santana:My best friend didn't wanna come by herself. Being the kind soul that I am I agreed to come.

Brittany:(Smiles)Well I'm glad you did.

Santana:(Blushes)So how do you know Quinn?

Before she can answer Rachel and Kurt walk over to us.

Kurt:Quinn sent us to tell everyone to get downstairs.

I roll my eyes and start to make my way downstairs leaving Brittany behind. As I walk I feel a hand on my lower back. I turn to the person ready to cuss them out but smile when Brittany raises her arms in self defense.

Brittany:If looks could kill I'd be so dead right now.

Santana:Sorry you just caught me by surprise.

Brittany:Yeah I'm sorry I was trying to be smooth.

Santana:(Smiles)You could use some work.

I take her hand and we continue on to the living room. Everyone is gathered around the stage Quinn has set up. Brittany and I stand behind everyone as Quinn starts to give a speech. I speak loud enough for only Brittany to hear me.

Santana:I swear she's so extra sometimes. I guarantee you most of this speech is gonna be about her.

Brittany:Well it is her party.

Santana:It's supposed to be a party to welcome her sister home who I have yet to see.

Brittany:What do you think her sister will be like?

Santana:I'm not one to judge a sequel by the first movie but I'm praying to God she's nothing like Quinn. I can not tolerate two annoying Fabray's.

Brittany:(Smiles)In this case Quinn would be the sequel seeing as though she's the younger sister.

I smile at Brittany for being correct about my little metaphor before tuning back into what Quinn is saying.

Quinn:And now I'd like everyone to welcome my amazing older sister. Brittany!

All of a sudden a bright light appears on Brittany and I. I turn to look at her and she smiles at Quinn before turning to me.

Brittany:She is a little extra sometimes.

She winks and walks down the path the crowd has cleared for her towards the stage.

I'm shocked and speechless.

This whole time I've been talking to Quinn's sister...

I think I'm gonna be sick.

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