Chapter Eighteen

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Sorry I've been MIA guys, a lot of personal stuff has been happening here at the moment and I've barely had enough time to breath let alone write at the moment but I promise I am updating as soon as humanly possible.

I hope you enjoy this chapter...

Annabelle's PoV

I could tell that this Alpha Parker wasn't a nice man and I hadn't even come face to face with him yet.

As Jax and I made our way towards the border of his land we started to hear a commotion. The more steps we took into the forest the loader the shouting got and I instantly regretted begging to come with him. Was I really ready to look into the eyes of the man that had basically stolen my life away from me?

I froze as a scent hit me, a scent that for some reason I recognised. It was the scent that always reminds me of when I was told my parents wouldn't be coming back. I couldn't quite describe it, almost chlorine like with an undertone of plastic and fake pine wood. Why was I suddenly catching that scent when I hadn't smelt it in so long?

"Are you alright Annabelle?" Jax asked me as he felt me stop behind him.

"Do you smell that?" I whispered, not wanting to draw any unwanted attention. I didn't know how close we were to this Alpha Parker person but I didn't want the risk of him overhearing our conversation.

"Smell what my little mate? There is nothing out of the ordinary here... well apart from the people at the boarder but there at least a half mile off yet and even then your nose shouldn't be able pick them up".

I was confused, what was I smelling? "That chemical don't smell it?" my grip on his hand tightened in nerves and my body started to react in fear at the smell. What was going on with me?

"You smell that?" Jax asked and I looked up at his face to see a look of bewilderment in his eyes.

I just nodded and struggled to keep my bodies reaction in check.

"Annabelle that's Alpha Parkers scent, he wears this stupid type of aftershave to mask his actual scent. He says its to stop his mate finding him as he doesn't want to be weakened and tied down to a single person, ridiculous if you ask me but still".

I frowned "how am I able to smell Alpha Parker? My sense of smell has never been that strong before."

He shrugged with a slight smile on his lips, "maybe your body is finally accepting your wolf. Your senses are heightening and getting stronger, who's to say you won't be turning into your wolf very soon". I could tell that he was exited, the grin on his face spoke volumes, but if I was being honest I was more worried then anything. I finally had the chance to fit in somewhere, to be a part of something but I didn't want to hope in case that didn't happen. Who's to say that once I turned into my wolf Jax's pack didn't accept me or what if Jax or his wolf didn't like my wolf and rejected me. I whimpered at the thought and shook my head, no point in dwelling on it now.

Jax was oblivious to my inner turmoil and leant down to kiss me on the cheek before taking my hand in his and lead us closer to Alpha Parker. I smiled as my fingers grazed where Jax had kissed me. My cheeks were hotter than usual due to the slight blush from the kiss and my cheeks only reddened at the reaction my body had to him.

"When we get to him I want you to let me do all the talking okay Annabelle?" The humour and playful Jax had now gone and in his place was what I could only describe as Alpha Jax. His shoulders were back, his head held high and had an air of authority about him that couldn't be ignored.

My eyes widened at the sudden change in him, how could he got from cute and playful to serious and poker faced so quick?

"This is a dangerous man Annabelle and I don't want to give him any more reason to come after you. Myself and my pack will protect their Luna with their life but I don't want there to be any confrontation until you are fully connected with your wolf".

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