Chapter Five Arrival

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It felt as if the forests would never end, for a long while there were only trees, and then fields and finally some buildings. You had come up on a city as the night started to fall. The two that sat next to you had long since fallen asleep so only you and the driver were awake. " We are the League of Villains" The gas man said looking both ways before turning. "Recently we were hit hard, we lost a lot of members."

"So we are here to increase your numbers?" You asked looking out at the street as you rolled your window down a bit. Sticking your fingers out you could feel it begin to rain. It felt as though small needles were tapping your fingers. It was nice.

"No. You are here to become my champions. Tomura is playing a game in order to get as he desires. But you are not apart of his plans. You are apart of mine." He took a pause before speaking again. "Welcome to the game (y/n)". After that he said nothing more.

You brought your now mildly red and numb fingers back inside the car before leaning your head against the tinted window. Your (h/c) hair stuck against the cold and mildly wet surface of the window. It hadn't been much longer before the car pulled into an alley and behind a building. He stopped the car and sighed. "Wake them up and follow me" You immediately did as he said and began shaking the two of them lightly.

"Hey guys. Time to get up" You said to them. The male got up fairly fast but Kamalani was a bit different.

"NO I wanna sleep" She said swatting your hand away. You continued to shake her. "Fiiiine carry me then"

Such a child

You thought before picking up the thin child. You carried her princess style following the three men. Once inside Kurogiri continued up a pair of stairs. He walked down a corridor of rooms before opening one.

"How old are you all?" He asked before continuing. You each took turns responding. Kamalani was fourteen, Andrew was fifteen and you were seventeen. He nodded at your answers.

"Alright, before I let you into your room Andrew, here are some ground rules. All of you listen." Kamalani perked up at hearing this and hopped down from your arms. "If you try to escape, consider yourself dead. If you disobey you will be punished accordingly. I expect your rooms to stay clean, and your beds to be made at all times. You are to be up by six and to bed by ten. You will help with chores as well as being enrolled in classes and training. I expect only the best of you. Having said that. Welcome!" He motioned his hand so that Andrew would know to enter his room. "I have called ahead and filled your wardrobes with clothing. Good night" He closed the door behind him and continued down the row. Next was Kamalanis room. He merely opened it and let her in.

He continued moving down the hallway and passed by a couple rooms. Confused you followed until he stopped in front of a room. "You are the oldest, meaning that you will have harder training routines, and alot more classes in order to try and catch up for lost time. I also expect you to set a good example. Here is the key to your room." you had been the only one to receive such a thing. "As I have said you are the oldest. I have a spare key for your room in case of anything, but you deserve more privacy." He said this and started to walk away.

"Thank you" You said to his disappearing figure. He merely nodded and continued to leave.

You examined the key to your door it was skull shaped with a simple end to it. It could easily be picked. But it was a nice freedom. You turned to your dark colored door before taking a deep breath and opening the door.

As soon as you opened the door you could tell what the focus of your stay would entail. It was a large room. There was a dark bed to the far side of your room. Lining the entirety of a wall was bookshelves with hundreds of books. There was a desk up against one of the walls and above it was a window. Pushed off a bit from the center of the room was a large red punching bag. Underneath the punching bag was a thin red mat. There was gloves and weights pushed up against the wall. Inside the closet there was a large amount of clothes. It would be a huge upgrade from the disgusting outfit you were wearing currently.

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