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It's been a few days since classes officially started, and things weren't going so well for Harry.

He hadn't slept in days, too afraid to fall asleep and have a nightmare, and too afraid to stay up reading like he normally does during the nights his insomnia decided to kill his tiredness. Taking either route would more then likely end with Ron sneaking into bed with him to help calm him down enough for him to fall asleep.

Ever since that day in the dorm bathroom, when Harry saw everything there was to know about Ron, Harry hasn't been able to look at Ron the same way. His striking green eyes always pierce right threw him, the concern and brotherly affection he would express threw his gaze would melt Harry's very being. The raven always got so nauseous when he spoke to the redhead, his stomach and chest turning in a weird way. And each day, it would get worse.

It started out small, just the uncomfortable and foriegn fluttering in his chest when he and Ron made eye contact, but then after a few days, it was like Harry couldn't be in the same room as Ron without his entire body tensing up.

It was strange.

And Harry hated that he couldn't place what it was.

Laying in bed now, with the lights out and the window allowing the pale moonlight into their shared dorm, Harry couldn't even blink an eye in the direction of sleep. He felt so tense, so restless, and he didn't understand why. It was the most irritating feeling ever, it was like his body was being pulled somewhere that his brain refused to go. He felt like he was holding himself under a big rock, but his body was trying to escape. His legs wanted to move, to get up and go somewhere, but he didn't understand anything that was going on with himself. All he could think about was Ron. Ron. Ron!

That thing he does to help him sleep sounds especially nice right then. He hadn't slept in four days! Which was conveniently normal for him, thanks to his insomnia, but Merlin, he would love to just sleep.

It was hard, avoiding Ron for those three days, especially because they had most of their classes together, as requested to McGonagall and Dumbledore.

Ron was his best friend, and it usually hurt to be away from him, which was normal. But now it was like it physically hurt to be away from Ron... Which wasn't so normal. He felt as though he was losing his mind.

For the last few days, Harry had been avoiding Ron as best he could. Because every time Ron would be in his sights, Harry would suddenly feel like his heart would drop out of his body.

Was this because he had seen him naked? It couldn't be, he had seen Ron naked pleanty of times before, he couldn't imagine that actually being the reason. No, the nausea he felt whenever Ron was present wasn't because of that.

He was just sick or something.



Ron sighed as he set his books down on his desk, the defense against the dark arts was the only class he didn't have with Harry. But at least he had it with Hermione, as well as six other of his eight classes.

Hermione imediatly noticed Ron was down about something, had even noticed long ago that something was wrong with he and Harry. But she had waited for them to talk to her long enough, it was time for her to poke at it a little for answers.

"Ron, what's wrong with you and Harry?" She asked, her voice full of concern as she looked at the sad redhead.

"I don't know myself" he said, his eyes not looking up as he subconsciously opened his book to prepare for class, not particularly caring about it however. Ms. Umbridge, their new teacher, had a very different way of teaching them then the other teachers did. She expected them to learn about magic, without the actual use of magic. Which made zero sense to everyone, but Ms. Umbridge. "Harry's been acting strange for the last four day's, I don't know what's wrong with him!" The stress was clear in Ron's green eyes, and Hermione sighed.

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