Niall Horan Short Imagines

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Last day of school, you run home screaming. Your mom is sitting on the front porch laughing at your shenanigans. You finally get up the front porch steps

to receive a letter from someone you didn't know, you looked at the letter with a crooked gaze and opened it. The only thing there was a number. You decided to call it. Three rings later an Irishman answers, "hello is this y/n?" you don't exactly know how to respond, " yeah who's this?" he laughed, "turn around." you start to freak out but turn around anyway. Standing in your kitchen was Niall Horan.


You and Niall are at the beach. Niall tries to teach you how to surf, you protest for a little while, but in the end Niall wins. He has you standing on a surfboard on the beach, you tell him you feel stupid, he laughs at you and you glare at him. He steps onto the surf board and helps position you. He holds you waist and whispers in your ear what to do. He turns you around and bring you in closer, you let him hold you, you feel amazing. The suns shining the water was warm and there was a pleasant breeze. Niall kisses you, you lean into his broad chest. When he pulls back he says, "god I love you"


You walk into nandos and stop to take a picture with your best friend you are giggling and laughing screaming potatoes in honor of your favorite Irish hottie, Niall Horan. You and your friend re having such a fun time you don't realize Niall Horan is staring at you. You shriek and hide you fce you hear him laugh a little. He walks over and hands you a piece of paper, he leans down and whispers in your ear, "my phone gets lonely you should call it" he walks out of the restaurant leaving you and your friend sitting there speechless. Your friend looks at you for one last laugh and says, "corny pick up line though."


Your running down the sidewalk with your friend Tina, you're winning so you look back for a quick glance to see how far back she is, when SMACK! You run into a gorgeous blonde passerby. "oh my god I'm so sorry!!" you were so embarrassed. He started chuckling a little. He shoots a hand down towards you, "I'm Niall, I think you might have permanently damaged my arm." you start to feel heat rise to your face but you take his hand and reply, " (Y/N) and again I'm so sorry for that." you can hear your friends laughter rising from behind you, you roll you eyes. You look up at his face his soft features and amazing eyes, you say, " if there is anything I can do-" Niall cuts you off, "dinner and a movie. If I really feel generous I might even kiss you." he winked at you and slid a piece of paper in your back pocket, "tomorrow 7:30" an then he left.


Your running through an empty field, the wind blowing through your dirty blonde hair. You can hear Niall running after you on this beautiful August day. The sun was warm against your skin and the guy you loved was trailing you. You stop running and just look up at the cloudless day, you spin around in the sun, when suddenly Niall is holding you waist helping you spin. Soon enough you are dancing there and having the time of you life, "Niall this is perfect." he smiles at you his blue eyes screaming with joy, just seeing him smile brings you joy. Niall lifts you off the ground and spins you in the air, he finally lowers you and kisses you do gently, leaving you there wanting more. You pout a little, he sets you back on your bare feet, "if you want more you have to catch me!" with that he runs off leaving you to chase


You are waving a sign in front of nialler house, your friend taps your shoulder, " sorry (Y/N) but I gotta go." you were the only one left standing in the cold and your ride just left. You fall to the ground and sigh. Looks like you'll be walking home. Your so exhausted you close your eyes for a brief second, well okay maybe a few minute. You finally hear someone talking, "is it clear?"

"yeah it looks i-" you hear someone pull you up, "it's ok mr.horan I got her!" you snap out of your nap. " what's going on?!" you look up and see Niall horan walking your way he helps you out of Paul's grip, " she isn't going to do anything but steal my heart." you freeze up because he is kissing your lips gently and hugging you like there is no tomorrow.


Your phone starts buzzing, "hey Niall!"

He coughs into the phone a little "Hey babe come over now, it's an umm, emer-emergency" with that he hangs up, you freak out and run next door. Niall is standing there arms crossed, smirk firmly planted across his face. You look at him confused, " Niall wha-?" you couldn't finish your sentence because he was kissing you. "just trust me okay?" he pulls you inside and blind folds you. He is feeding you something you can't exactly name, all you know is how food it tastes. After a few hours of "guess whats next" he takes off you blindfold and your face to face with him and a gorgeous ocean view, " see I told you" and with that he kisses you gently on your lips and starts to dance with you.


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