Hi Guys!

I am so sorry for the delay of the update. I've been forcing myself to update but  I can't. Writer's block. A great story can't be forced, anyway. BUT! I read all  your comments and I do appreciate all the positive ones. The negative ones might as well face Kent's middle finger. Nah, just kidding! I've been very busy lately but I keep on getting notifications on my wattpad application. Comments and messages. I sincerely thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. Cheers for that! I'm forcing myself not to just put "Ang Sex Addict Kong Boyfriend" into an infinite halt, since I'm really busy and I'll be working full time soon! (Hooray for me!). I also want this story to be finished, jsyk. I want you guys to know who Jasper is and everything, too. I will finish this story. Mark these words. Just bear with me guys. I have a very hectic schedule.

Again, thank you so much my loves! My heart dances in joy every time I read all your comments.

Kent, Kenneth and Cara will be with you soon, again!



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