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I'm turning 18 in a few days, so I'm finally gonna be an adult

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I'm turning 18 in a few days, so I'm finally gonna be an adult. I wanted to say 'grown up' but I'm billions of years and stars away from being grown up. So yeah. Adult. I'm fucking old.


My wishes for this year's birthday of mine are simple.
I always have simple wishes. I mostly don't wish for anything. Tell me something that's more simple than that.

This year I'm just wishing for three shirts. Band Tee's, y'know?
I just want a Fall Out Boy shirt, a Panic! at the Disco shirt and a My Chemical Romance shirt.

I also want to have the Black Parade funko pop of Gerard Way but it's almost impossible to get one, which means I can erase that wish from my list.

It would have been nice if it had been possible to get 'Violent Things' by The Brobecks, but you can only buy it by 'downloading' it and no. Just no. I'm not using such things as Spotify or whatever else there is. I'm the old school CD buying kid. I just love the feeling of holding something in my hands. I love collecting CDs.

That's why I'm wishing for 'Stomachaches' by frnkiero andthe cellabration, 'Post Traumatic' by Mike Shinoda (which will unfortunately be released one day before my birthday, making it impossible to get this) AND THE NEW ALBUM BY PANIC! AT THE DISCO 'PRAY FOR THE WICKED'! It will be released on June 22, which means six days after my BDay but honestly that's the ONE TRUE THING I really want.

Pray for the Wicked is the most amazing thing happening this year besides 'M A N I A' by Fall Out Boy and 'Infinity War'. (At least it is to me)

So yeah. I'm surely not gonna get those shirts (coz my mom is completely against ordering things from the internet), can't get the Funko and the Brobecks album, probably won't get 'Stomachaches' and won't get 'Post Traumatic'... that is why I'm so excited for Pray for the Wicked to be released coz that's gonna be the only thing out of all these that I WILL get, because I'm gonna buy it myself.

So yeah, I'm excited for my BDay. Even tho I'm more excited for June 22, coz I can finally buy PFTW then.

Who needs BDay wishes, when it's all up to you to make them come true?

So yeah. My BDay wishes are really simple. I just don't wish for anything at all.

So it's the same procedure as last year. And every other year before.

I never really got what I wished for on a birthday which is why I don't believe in making BDay wishes.

Call me old school, but not wishing for something coz you wouldn't get it anyway makes things a lot easier. And it hurts way less.

I'm fine with that. Like I said, it's up to me to make those wishes come true. So when Pray for the Wicked will be released six days after my birthday I'm gonna buy it myself and that's it.


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