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Book One | Superstition | Chapter Six

Originally chapter eight




Day Three, 

Height: 5' 5.5'' (Whoa there buddy, what happened there?)

Weight: 123 lbs (He's officially obese) Am not! -James (JK he's still a stick)

Eye color: Brown.


Holy crap nuggets, this guy has officially lost his mind. My suspect aced his Calc test, top score, didn't get a single question wrong, and didn't even study. His memory loss has passed, in fact, it has increased immensely. He has remembered everything spoken, seen, and smelled within the past two days when he was in his "trance", which he now views as a similar effect seen when gaining muscles. So now he's gaining brain? We don't know.

Heart rate of 45, and his need for exercise has also begun to take over as well as his growing muscles. He can now officially bench twenty pounds! Congrats dude! His eyesight continues to confuse us, seeing as he no longer wears his glasses. His eye has completely healed without a trace of scar or bruising. Complains that the bar on his teeth hurts him.



            "She kissed me! On the cheek! Can you imagine that?" I continued to gloat about my accomplishments, all the while Jay sits on my feet. My knees were brought up partially above the ground while my arms crossed over my chest. I bent up to touch them to my thighs before resting back down on the ground.

            "Sure dude. A girl kissed you on the cheek while I was kissed on more than just that," he boasted, running his hands down the sides of his body. Glaring at the back of his head, I came back up for my next sit-up and smacked him upside the head. "Ouchie! That hurt!"

            "Shut up," I snapped back, and he turned around to glower threateningly at me.

            We were at his place in the basement, watching the few channels that were provided on his television. Ever since we came, we were testing out my vision, strength, and other characteristics that may have changed over the course of a day. Brielle had left to play kickball with her friends, leaving behind a mound of textbooks and worksheets she expects me to fill out. The thing about that was... I already finished them and now I was bored brainless.

            This morning when I arrived at school, I had been more than excited to get to class. No one had saw Alexis and I underneath the bleachers at the soccer game, which I was thankful for since then Ethan would no doubt beat me senseless. That was, if he caught me. The one thing that upset me was that Alexis listened to what Ethan had said, for today she dressed in sweatpants and a black netted undershirt that hooked over her thumbs. On top of that hung Ethan's oversized soccer jersey, clean and fresh from all of the grass stains and mud patches that he had acquired the day before.

            Edgar the one-eyed cat began prancing down the steps to the basement, uttering a sickening meow as he began nearing us. Urgently scrambling away from it, I tore my feet out from under Jay's bottom. He "gracefully" fell to his side, not expecting that to happen as I block the beanbag between me and the cat. As his head bashed against Jay's arm, he looked to me with his one good eye.

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