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I truly am so sorry for my long absence, guys but I had my oral exam on monday and now I'm fully free from school

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I truly am so sorry for my long absence, guys but I had my oral exam on monday and now I'm fully free from school. I mean I graduated. I finished school. Twelve years a slave and now I'm free. WOO HOO! Freedom feels... good, I guess.
(No, just kidding. It's boring and unproductive af)

So yeah, I'm finally able to be fully active on Watty again.

I really wanna write some imagines, so are you guys even interested in them? And if so, should I make a seperate book for imagines or just post them in here? I wanna write them so bad coz I'm really in the mood right now.
(Me desperately trying to make you want me writing imagines)


I'm crushing so hard on several band members that I completely lost control over my ovaries. Got my period two days ago, so I think my ovaries wanna tell me to stop killing them with listening to those hot ass voices and looking at those hot ass faces. Or I just killed them already.

Yeah, I admit it. Crushes. AF.
Patrick Stump, Gerard Way, Dallon Weekes and Billie Joe Armstrong are my current ones. Like damn. ALL THEM BAND MEMBERS are hot af. It's hard to NOT having a crush on one of them...

Like seriously.

Oh and btw I was too afraid to listen to the Steve Aoki remix of 'Welcome to the Black Parade' by MCR but yeah, I listened to it some minutes ago.
There are three stages you're going through while listening to that. Well, at least I went through them (Tbh I had to listen to it three times before I could finally say that I DON'T hate it):

2.) That drop ain't that bad. It just doesn't match the song. Like where tf did this come from? (1:15 just sayin)
3.) It's actually not that bad tho... I mean he's a DJ... that's what he does... and Gee likes it... so... meh. It's okay.


Oh, and I found out that I can't buy 'Violent Things' by The Brobecks (yes, it's Dallon's band) on CD. My life is over.

Just kidding.

But I can buy 'Stomachaches' by frnkiero andthe cellabrations so I'm kinda getting over it.



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