Chapter Five

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'How could you not tell me?' Oliver bellowed at Finn in the dimly lit café.

Bill had opened the door for the two young men, leaving his keys with his grandson and ordering him to lock up properly when they were done. He wasn't willing to let Cassidy walk home alone after the shock she'd had and had insisted on taking both her and Abigail on ahead in his car, despite Abigail's pleas to stay and listen in on the argument.

Finn had taken up residence at the counter, watching his friend pace back and forth like a caged animal, mad with confusion and frustration. There was little he could say or do to change the situation; it was what it was. Cassidy was back in town and neither Finn nor Oliver had known about it prior to their arrival.

'When?' Finn asked. 'While you were driving? You'd have wrecked the car.'

'Better that than her leaping out at me!'

'She more... strolled out at you.'

Oliver stopped and glared. 'Are you kidding? You want to joke about this?'

'No,' Finn held up his hands defensively. 'I was just pointing it out.'

'You must have known,' Oliver accused.

'I didn't. I knew Gramps had a new waitress from our last conversation, but he didn't tell me who. They were probably worried I'd tell you and you'd come flying down here to see her.'

'I wouldn't.' Oliver protested. The moment the words passed his lips, he knew it was a lie. If he'd known that Cassidy had been discovered at long last, he'd have been back in Whitstone in a heartbeat to see her again, if only to ask her why it was she'd felt the need to abandon him so cruelly in the first place. He had no idea of getting back together with her, or that they might run into one another's arms and declare their undying love like they were in some terrible film, but the promise of answers would have brought him back to her.

Finn hopped from the stool and clapped Oliver on the shoulder in a consoling manner. 'It doesn't have to be a big deal.'

'Doesn't it?' Oliver laughed derisively. 'Sure, okay, why not? Let's just spend three months here with my ex hanging around all the time. That's not going to be awkward.'

'No one's going to make you talk to her. She's probably as freaked out as you are. I mean – think about it – you're the tourist in this situation. For her, this is home. Don't you think it's a little unfair to say that she's the one that shouldn't be here?'

Oliver hated when Finn was right, especially in that moment. Yes, they were the tourists in this situation – he was, at least – which meant Cassidy had every right to be in Whitstone Bay. He had no idea why she'd stayed away so long when it was her home, but that was her business, not his. Oliver had returned to the resort to get over the girl and to close the door on his past. It wasn't going to be easy when he didn't know if he might turn and corner and bump into her, but that didn't mean his purpose had to change. He just had to be more determined in seeing it through.

It wasn't like Cassidy wanted to get back together, either.

Hell, she'd probably not given him a second thought since she'd left.

They were both adults and they could move on in a mature and amicable way.

They were both adults and they could move on in a mature and amicable way

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