Special Chapter

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This chapter is all about random horror stuff. Enjoy! 😀

1) I found a picture of myself sleeping. I live alone.

2) Every night, I always hear someone breathing in the closet but I live alone.

3) My parents were out for a date and in the middle of the night, the door was hear being opened slowly. No one else knew the password to my apartment and my parents said that they had stayed in a hotel.

4) I live with my best friend but she rarely comes home and one day she comes home and sees me lying on the floor covered in blood. I want to tell her something but the man in black had already grabbed her from the back.

5) You can look everywhere. In yoir closet, under the bed, in the cabinets. But never look up. She'll be staring right back at you.

6) When I woke up one morning. I then looked out my window, as always. I saw a man with a small knife smiling at me, with my house and room key dangling from his hands.

7) They say you have a higher chance of dying on your birthday. Then why is it that when people die, nobody gives them presents even if it's for the dead?

8) Check the left and right of wherever you are right now. Fun fact, there are 2 ghosts on each side wondering how you can see them. :)

9) There was a killer storming it's way through the city. He had apparently entered the building I worked in. He was identified as a middle-aged-man that had dot tattoos on his arm. I hid under my table and prayed for the best. I heard loud footsteps echoing through the whole room. My colleagues were all panicking until I realised they all got out of their hiding places. I was shocked. The killer approached them and I saw the large amount of dot tattoos he had gotten. Does he have an obsession with dots? My colleagues then started walking towards my table and pulled me out. They rolled up their sleeves to reveal the exact, same, scary tattoos. I got hit by a bat and then dropped to the ground.

"Another dot goes on here now."

10) I was playing my phone until late in the night and heard someone's breathing next to my ear. That was 9 years ago and now I can't hear in that ear anymore.

So, how did you guys enjoy this special chapter? It's currently 00:22am in Singapore and I'm freaking tired but I had this idea pop up and I knew I had to do it. Good night, Krispies!

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