Chapter 5

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MayMay's POV:

Well school's over and I walked with Kisses and Marco to my locker and I put my stuff in there and got the stuff I need and then I heard Edward's voice

"C'mon May let's go na?" He asked and I looked at Kisses and Marco and they smiled and nodded their heads

"Sige let's go" I said and he wrapped an arm around my waist

"Dude watch it" He said and Edward just looked at me

"Marco it's just for show" I said and he sighed and nodded his head

"Nako Marco no need to be so protective, good boy naman si Edward eh" Markus said and Edward just glared at him

"Ano ako? Aso?" He asked and we all just laughed at him

"Yah, good doggy" Markus said and we all laughed even more and we walked out the door and we went in separate cars and I went with Edward, Kisses, Marco, and Markus while the others drove in their own cars and we all went to the mall. When we got to the mall I knew that Kisses was gonna go shopping.

"Te May we'll see you later, take care of her Edward, all of you take care of her she might have an asth-" She started but I cut her off because I already know what she was gonna say

"Sige Kisses I can take care of myself naman, you and Marco go have fun, Marco ha alagaan mo si Kisses, I'll call you guys naman eh" I said

"Guys ha you take care of MayMay, if anything happens to her uupakan ko kayong lahat" Marco said and they all looked scared, grabe they're all afraid of Marco ha

"Sige na go na guys, I'll be fine, have fun, bye bye labyu labyu, I'll see you guys later" I said and hugged them and I kissed Kisses' head and kissed Marco's cheek and he kissed my forehead and they walked away from us

"Wow ha, you guys' friendship is so close, you guys really care for each other" Edward said and I looked at him and nodded my head

"Yah, it's because they're all I have" I said and I started remembering things and they all just looked at me and I snapped out of my thoughts and smiled at them

"Tara, gala gala tayo" I said and grabbed Edward and Ricci's hand since they were the closest and dragged them with me


"Tara guys kain tayo" Markus said and I just nodded my head and we went to McDonald's and we ordered some food and the we did I decided to check up on Kisses and Marco so I called up Kisses

(MM= MayMay K=Kisses M= Marco)

K= Hello?

MM= Hello beb?

K= Ate May!!

MM= Oh how are you and Marco? Where are you guys? Ok lang ba kayo?

K= We're fine Te May, we're in the book store and yah we're fine, Oh yan Te May you're on speaker na Marco's here

M= Ate MayMay!!

MM= Marco you're so loud

M= KJ mo Te May

MM= Tse bahala ka, oh yah if you guys are looking for us we're just here in McDo, do you guys want anything?

K= Fries Ate May!!

MM= Sige beb, ikaw bebe boy?

M= Fries lang rin ako Te May

MM= Sige mag oorder ako

M&K= Thank you Ate May!

MM= Sige na, I'll order na, I'll see you guys later bye bye, labyu labyu

K= Bye Ate May, labyu labyu

M= Labyu labyu Te May!

MM= Sige bye mga beb!

(End of conversation)

I went to go to Edward and the other guys

"Guys can you order two fries pa? Here oh I'll pay for it" I said and pulled out my wallet

"No it's fine MayMay, I'll pay for it na" Edward said

"But you already paid for my food eh" I said

"No it's fine" He said and I just sighed and nodded my head

"Thanks Edward ha" I said and smiled and he smiled at me, mas gwapo siya when he smiles, mabait pa siya, why did Heaven let him go? Anyway, I went back to our table and waited for them. After a few minutes they came back with the food and they set it on the table

"There you go May, eat up, seriously though, eat, you're too thin" Edward said and I just chuckled and ate my food, I put aside Kisses and Marco's fries and I texted Marco

To: Bebe Boy Marco

From: MayMay

'Marco where are you guys na? Your fries will get cold'

To: MayMay

From: Bebe Boy Marco

'We're near na Ate May, we'll be there in 3 minutes'

To: Bebe Boy Marco

From: MayMay

'Sige Beb, ingat kayo ha'

I closed my phone and continued to eat my food

"So May tell us about yourself" Edward said

"Well can you guys introduce yourselves muna, I don't know all of you" I said

"Oh yah, I'm Iñigo" A guy said and I nodded my head

"I'm Ronnie" Another guy said

"I'm Mccoy" Another said

"And I'm Nikko" Another said

"Yah that's about it, you already know Bailey, Christian, Ricci and Markus, and of course you know me, now tell us about yourself" Edward said and I nodded my head

"Well-" I started but I was cut off

"Ate May!!" Kisses and Marco exclaimed

"Hey guys" I said and moved a little so they could sit, Kisses sat beside me and Marco sat beside her because Edward was sitting beside me.

"Well MayMay can you continue what you were gonna say?" Edward asked and I just nodded my head


That's it for now, I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter I hope you guys are enjoying the story so far and I have nothing much to say so yah I have to go get started on the next chapter so yah buh-byeeeee!!

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