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"Hey it's Hannah, Hannah Baker"

I looked up from the tape player in shock. I was sat in my bedroom on my own about to do some homework when there was a knock on the door. I picked up the shoe box to see it full with 14 tapes. It was not what I expected it to be.

"There's not a simple explanation for the things that I feel. That's right, don't adjust your... whatever devise your listening to this on. It's me, live and in stereo"



"Nat, hurry up Bryce will be here soon!" He yelled through my door.

"Coming" I called back slipping on my black and white vans, grabbing my bag and walking into the kitchen to grab a banana for breakfast. "Morning" I said to my dad who was sat at the dining table. He glanced at me before going back to the paper that he was reading. Good chat right? Monty and I's dad isn't exactly the nicest guy. You see our mother died at our birth and ever since then he has taken it out on us. Sometimes physically. Monty usually steps in front of me before our dad can lay a hand on me though. I walked out the front door and hopped into the back of Bryce's jeep with Monty, Bryce and Justin.

"Hey Nat" Bryce greeted me smiling.

"Sup Bryce and Justin" I shifted awkwardly in my seat. Justin saw my discomfort and gave me an odd look.

You're probably wondering why I'm uncomfortable on a car with my closest friends and brother? Well, here is my tape.

Tape 7 Side A

"My next tape is one that I wish I didn't have to make. This person does not deserve to be on these tapes but I feel as if she has a right to know what happened to her.

Natasha De La Cruz, this is your tape.

If you didn't know, Tasha and I were best friends. I told her everything and she told me everything. But there is one thing that I kept from her. One thing I didn't want anyone to know. Lets take it back to my house party again. This was the night that I met you and we were instant friends.

I was in denial about what happened that night. How could someone do something so awful to someone who was so perfect.

We all know that you were drunk out of your mind that night. A lot of us wondered how you got to that point so quickly. The truth is, Bryce drugged you. And the next time I saw you, he was walking out of my room zipping up his trousers and you were laying in my bed unconscious with your underwear down.

I think you can all figure out what happened. I'm sorry you had to hear it this way. But be careful who you associate yourself with"


Tears sprung to my eyes, hearing this was difficult. But I don't know what to believe. Bryce has been there for me and my brother more times than you can imagine. Helping us with money, letting us stay at his house and just being there to talk to when things got to much. I quickly paused the tape not being able to carry on.


School the next morning was extremely difficult. I tried to avoid everyone that I knew. It was obvious that I had been crying the entire night as I had gone to school in jogging bottoms and a baggy jumper which was so unlike my usual stylish clothing.

"Nat, Natasha! Wait up!" A voice from behind me called out. I turned to see Justin running towards me, I gave him a confused look before walking closer to him. "Lets go have a chat" He pulled me into the closest classroom and sat opposite me on the table. "I know you got the tapes and you think I'm some huge jerk right now but Nat, trust me, don't believe what she is saying. You know Bryce would never do that to you. You're like his little sister, he adores you and wants to protect you from everything. What Hannah said was complete bullshit you know Bryce and she didn't"

To be honest, what he was saying was true. Why would Bryce do something like that to me.

"You were always naive Nat, this is your downfall. Our downfall. You're probably sat there wondering why Bryce would ever do that. But he would, and he has. Multiple times.

Some people are going to tell you that I'm a liar. But I am not there to guide you and help you realise that not everyone one is as they seem.

When we first met you were seeing Justin, well you guys were having sex or whatever you called it. He started messaging me and you didn't catch onto any of this. We all know you had feelings for him which he didn't reciprocate. And when you found out that he and I had kissed, you cut me out of your life instantly.

Doing that was one of my biggest regrets. And I'm sorry"

"Monty! Stop it!" I grabbed him and pulled him away from Tyler who he had pinned up against the lockers "What the hell do you think you are doing?!" I pushed back away from Tyler.

"I'm sorry Nat, ok?!" He yelled getting into my face I pushed him away fro me harshly "I'm sorry your so disssapointed in me. You're just like dad sometimes!" I stood back from him in shock that he would compare me to that horrible man. "Shit. I didn't mean that I was just angry" He tried to reach out for me but I quickly walked away tears pooling in my eyes, I heard him slam his fist into the locker beside him in anger.

I ran into someone mumbling a quick apology when they grabbed me and turned me around "Tash, whats wrong?"

"Nothing Zach, I - I gotta go" I ran to my next class whipping my tears before sitting down like nothing had happened. I have a habit of pretending like everything was ok.

Word Count: 1033

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