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Your POV:

Well, I woke up pretty early today so I have time to write before needing to get Loki. I get out my pen and start writing. Usually, I write weird and funny quotes but today I feel a bit sad and decide to write anything that comes to mind.

I was called many things. A monster was one of those. I probably am, considering how many people my kind killed. I'm not proud of that and I don't understand how they can like killing humans even if there was a time when I did so myself. I had to or I would not get accepted.

As I finish my sentence, I feel a hand on my shoulder. Surprised, I flinch and swiftly turn around to face-

(Y/N)- LOKI!?

Loki- It's 7 am.

I look at my phone and he's right. 

(Y/N)- Oh my, sorry! I was in my bubble.

I glance back to my book, before dragging Loki to the training room. I frown when I see that he is wearing his normal clothes, which means weird ones.

(Y/N)- Okay, first, you'll need to change. 

He rolls his eyes before changing in clothes that look like the ones Steve runs with. I smile and go on the mattress before taking a fighting stance. He does the same but with a bored look on his face. He probably thinks I'm weak, he will be pretty surprised then. I do a series of kicks that Nat taught me and he looks surprised before blocking them. Smirking, I make a backflip as he tries to punch me and I swipe my leg beneath him, making him fall. I quickly get on him and put a knife to his throat. He frowns as I get up still smirking.

(Y/N)- Good job!

I help him get up and kindly smile at him. He scoffs but I realize that he's looking at me differently. Do I finally have his respect? I get back into a fighting stance and he does the same, concentrating now. I try to punch him in the face but he dodges to the right so I kick him in his leg. He growls before punching me in the stomach. I use that moment to hit him on his back with my elbow and then hit him in the face with my knee. Lastly, I kick him in the part that hurts and he falls to the ground, groaning in pain.

I giggle before giving him an icepack. I already planned all of this yesterday. He takes the icepack, mumbling about humans and their stupid training.

(Y/N)- That's how Hulk could bet you so easily then!

I take out my water bottle and sit down. After a while, I put my bottle aside and walk to another part of the big training room. Taking a bow and some arrows, I start the machine that makes the targets move. I practice and shoot every target in the middle. In the end, I put back the bow and go to Loki who's looking at me curiously.

(Y/N)- We should do sword fighting next. Come on!

I walk to yet another part of the training room and get two swords. I give him one and we get into a fighting stance. The swords are still covered so we won't get too hurt. This time, he's the one that attacks me first, hitting my arm. Not surprised, I immediately hit his legs repeatedly. Angry, he starts to attack me, trying to hit me in a vital area. I block most of the attacks and throw some of my owns but he quickly understands my fighting style now that he isn't shocked and hits me more and more though I still get some hits.

After a while, we both start to get annoyed and hit the swords so hard together that the covering comes off and a spark appears. Too into the fight, we don't realize and continue to spar when he suddenly hits me in the arm. Then, I he hits my sword that falls from my hand and he pushes him to the ground, putting his sword on my throat. I accept my defeat but see see him frowning at my arm as I get up. I look at my arm and see that it's bleeding but it is not that deep, luckily.

(Y/N)- Shit, when did that happen!?

I walk to the bench and put bandages on my arm even though the wound is already starting to heal. I do not want him to know about my fast healing though so I act like I am a normal person and need bandages.

Loki- The human body is so weak.

(Y/N)- Yeah, it can be pretty annoying sometimes. Well, it's already 9 am so we should go eat!

I make both of us toasts with Nutella and give him his before eating mine. I moan at how good it is with a big grin. (AN- Sorry if you don't like toasts or Nutella) Loki just stares at me before taking a bite.

Loki- This is actually pretty good for Midgardian food.

(Y/N)- I know right!? So good!

We finish our toasts and I clean the dishes before turning to him with a smile.

(Y/N)- Shall we go to the library now?

He actually looks surprised when I say that.

Loki- We are really going?

(Y/N)- Of course! It has been a while since I last read a book. Now, come on!

Loki's POV:

I'm pleasantly surprised that we are actually going to the library. I thought she would forget or told me this just so I would listen to her. This might not be that bad.

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