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Emily had hoped her old yoga class would return to being the sanctuary it had always been for her, now that the world knew she'd never cheated on Cory with Jesse. The real story of Cory ditching her to hang out with his ex-girlfriend, popular singer-songwriter Cady Sugarman, was out there, and so was the truth about Jesse staging opportunities to be seen with Emily so he could grab the media limelight for himself and his struggling indie band, Ashes of Brooklyn. Maybe Emily had expected too much of her longtime yoga classmates, though. Weeks had passed, and a few of them had continued with the longer-than-necessary stares and whispering before and after class. Her teacher also taught a morning class, so Emily had resolved to become more of an early bird and go to that one instead.

What she hadn't known before joining the class was a gift was waiting for her there, in the form of everyone's favorite tall and dark-haired movie star, Raine Kingston. She wasn't particularly fangirly about the guy—she'd seen a couple of movies he'd been in, and he was a great actor, and that was all she knew about him other than some of the characters he'd played. Still, he had the attention of many of their classmates from the instant he walked into the room to the moment he left. This meant nobody gave Emily a second glance, and she liked it that way just fine.

She reached her arms out in front of her, grabbing her toes, and held the stretch while taking a few slow, deep breaths. When she brought her head up again, the first thing she saw was the line of women still forming in front of Raine. It had gotten longer, and the women toward the back of the line looked impatient. She shifted her eyes to study Raine. How he handled this every morning without losing his mind was a mystery to her. Could he really enjoy all of the attention and the constant interruptions of anything he might want to do or conversations he might want to have before class? The invasions of her own privacy and personal space that had come with being in the spotlight still made her skin crawl.

Emily watched a woman at the front of the line grow tired with waiting for her turn and walk over to Raine, touching his arm and interrupting whatever the other woman in front of him was saying. When Raine looked over at her, the woman took it as a sign to fling her arms around him for a hug. Emily was torn between horror and amusement, and she couldn't help the grin that spread across her lips or the quiet laugh that escaped her. Poor guy.

Maybe her laugh wasn't as quiet as she'd thought, because she realized Raine wasn't looking at the woman who'd thrown her arms around him. He was looking at her, and he'd caught her mid-grin. His eyes locked with hers. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't plaster her face with a more neutral expression or look away.

He's going to think I'm laughing at him, she thought. This was only partly true. She was laughing at the situation, and at the string of women throwing themselves into his arms as he sat there on his yoga mat, minding his own business. Stop grinning, she commanded herself.

She tried, she really did, and failed. But then she noticed Raine's mouth curving into a smile. He looked up at the ceiling as if to say, I know, right? Ridiculous.

That's when she laughed again.

The woman hugging Raine craned her neck around at the sound of Emily's laugh, but Emily closed her eyes and sat perfectly still, as though she was meditating. She stayed like that until she heard her yoga teacher, Satya, greet them to begin class, and the chatter around her hushed.

"Sat Nam," Satya said from the front of the room. "It's good to see all of you. Do we have anyone new here today?"

Emily opened her eyes, intending to look at Satya. That didn't happen, because the second her eyelids fluttered open, she saw Raine had his chocolate-brown eyes fixed on her, a curious smile still playing on his lips.

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