Chapter 2

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Gerard's POV

I woke up at eight in the morning. I looked at my digital clock and stood up. I went to have a shower and then got dressed when I finished. Then I went to the kitchen and opened a beer for breakfast. I stood there sitting on a chair looking at the bottle. I was as depressed as always. I took a sip of my beer and then lighted up a cigarette.

Later at 8:45 I would go to the music shop. I would go to the same section and check out the same music. Always the same. Well, in fact I was okay with listening to the same music every day because I loved it. It was kind of my secret passion. But of course, I wanted my life to change. I knew that it wouldn't if I didn't do anything but... What could I do? I had nobody in life. I had nothing to fight for so I guess I had to deal with it.

I finished the beer and left the bottle on the table. I left home and got into my car, then drove to the shop while smoking another cigarette.

Scarlet's POV

"It's eight dollars ninety, please" I said

The customer paid for his CD and then left the shop. As soon as I saw him leave, Gerard came into the shop. With the same facial expresion. The same leather jacket he always wore. He was wearing jeans, a black t-shirt and black converse. His black hair was shagging in his beautiful hazel eyes. He headed to the same music section and started looking at the CDs. I followed him.

"Morning, Gerard" I said gently

"Uh, morning" he said giving me a quick look and then looking back at the CDs

"How are you doing?" I asked

He didn't say nothing. He kept on doing what he came to do and acted like I wasn't there. I touched the CDs with my index finger.

"Nice music taste"

He looked up at me, and as soon as I noticed it, I looked up at him, too. He gave me a surprised look.

"What?" I said with a breathed cold laugh, almost whispering

"People think I am strange because of my music taste" he said looking back at the CDs

"I like it"

He nodded while bitting his lower lip.

"Do you need help? Mabye... Are you looking for something in special?" I asked

He took a deep breath and then looked up at me.

"I am just having a look, okay? Just leave me alone please" he said

I stood still for a couple of seconds. I was bothering him. He didn't want my company. But in some other way, I had an intuition. I knew that he liked my company, and he liked it when I spoke to him, even though he wanted to show me it was the other way round.

"Sure" I said rolling my eyes and then I walked back to the cash

*At 8 PM*

I finished work and closed the shop. I got into my car and started driving. But instead of driving home, I drove to starbucks to have something to eat first.

I ordered a chocolate frappé and a sandwich. I sat down on a table and started to eat my food. When I had almost finished my sandwich, I saw someone familiar. It was Gerard, who was sitting down on a table a few steps far from mine. He was alone. I ate the last bite of my sandwich and took my frappé then walked towards him. I had a sit in front of him. As soon as I sat down he looked up at me.

"Hey" I greeted

"What are you doing here?" he asked with a mean voice tone

"Oh. I saw you and I decided to greet you" I said looking down at my frappé with a little smile

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