Suicide...Part Two.

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~Chapter Fifteen.~

~Sophie's P.O.V.~

I whimper and poke the sharp edge of the knife into the palm of my hand, making blood start slowly pouring out.

'See, it doesn't hurt that much....Do it.'

I feel my heart racing, then close my eyes and raise the knife up, above my heart and...

"Sophie! Stop!" I hear someone yell.

I open my eyes and see Zack running towards me.

Great! What is he doing here?

"No! Stay where you are!" I say, hoping he would go away.

Of course, he didn't stop running. "What do you think you are doing?!" He yells at me.

Tears leak from my eyes. "I don't want to live anymore. I'm tired of my life. Just do one good thing to me, for once in your life, and let me die!"

Zack stops about four feet away from me and his voice softens. "Soph, You don't want to d-"

"Yes, I do!" I interrupt and yell at him. "I do want to die! Don't you get it? I hate my life!"

His eyes tear up and he slowly walks towards me with his hand stretched out towards me. "No, you don't. Look, I'm sorry for hurting yo-"

"No you are not." I laugh bitterly. "I know the game you're playing. You've played it more then once with me, and I'm not falling for it again. Yeah, that's right...little nerdy Sophie is finally sticking up for herself."

A tear escapes Zack's eye. Wait, he's crying? "Sophie, I really am sorry. I never really wanted to hurt you...I mean, when we were little, it was fun to tease you and play jokes on you. But, when I got older, I kept teasing you, so I could be cool. My friends would dare me to do things...and if I didn't do them, I was afraid I wouldn't be cool anymore."

I shake my head. "Well, it still hurts me. How would you feel, if you got pushed into lockers, called names, beaten up, made fun of, teased, and people pulled pranks on you daily." A sob escapes my mouth. "That's not including my home life."

His eyebrows furrow together. "What happens to you at home?"

I start backing up. "You don't need to know. You're not my friend. You shouldn't even be here with me right now."

He walks closer to me. "But, I want to be your friend." He says. "Now, Put down the knife."

I shake my head. "No."

Zack grabs my wrist. "Drop it."

I try to take my wrist out of his hand. "No." I say in a struggled voice.

He takes his other hand, that's not holding my wrist, and starts taking my fingers off the handle, one by one. "You can do this the easy way..." He smirks. "Or the hard way. Which is it?"

I sigh and let go of the knife. "I hate you."

Zack laughs and kisses my hand. "I hate you too, princess."

I tear my hand out of his grip and wipes my hand on his shirt. "Ewwwwwwww!" Now I have to burn my hand!"

He laughs harder.

"Whatever." I mumble and stomp away.

Why couldn't he just let me die?

"Sophie, wait!" I hear from behind me.

I groan and turn around.

"What now?"

Zack catches up to me and smiles. "I really am sorry. Please forgive me."

"No." I turn around and start to walk away, but Zack grabs my wrist and turns me around.

"What can I do to make you forgive me?" He whispers with sincerity in his eyes.

I push up my glasses and look him straight in the eyes. "The only way in the world, that I will ever forgive you, is if you will leave me alone forever."

His face turns sad. "Fine, I will never talk to you ever again."

"Do you promise?"

He nods. "I promise."

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