Chapter Sixteen (Lost Chapter)

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Twin Direction

Chapter Sixteen

- So, I had lost this chapter in the depths of my laptop. I JUST found out I had skipped a chapter. Therefore, I am uploading this so you guys can see it. I can't believe I wasn't told about it! Ha, you probably thought it was a mistake. Well, nope. It was when I had to change documents!

“I’m tired.” I groan, stretching out and falling off the bed, right on Zayn.

“Ow!” He shouts, pushing me off of him and onto Louis. He automatically cuddles against me, still half asleep. Oh this was awkward.

“Hi.” Lou’s morning voice rings in my ear.

“Um, you’re kind of trapping me.” I laugh, waking Liam up. So, now everyone is awake except Harry. Wait, I take that back. Zayn’s back asleep.

“Sorry.” Lou mumbles as Liam helps me up.

“It’s fine.” I smile, going to the bathroom and taking a shower. When I come back, everyone is downstairs except Zayn. Even my mom and Lucas are.

“Have you heard from Holla?” Mom asks as I come into the room. I shake my head and she sighs, shaking her head. My sister had been gone since the night we came back from riding.

“Shouldn’t you guys put out a missing persons thing?” Liam asks, leaning against the counter with his cup of milk and cup of cereal. That boy has problems.

“Who would want to?” Harry scoffs and Louis high fives him. If Lou had any feelings for my twin before, he doesn’t anymore.

“Hope I’m not intruding.” An Australian accent fills the room and I hug Mason. He kisses me and Harry lets out an obnoxious whistle. A loud slapping noise rings through the house and I turn around to see Louis smiling happily and Harry leaning down, holding his arm. I start laughing and Mason joins in.

“I need a new phone.” I sigh, grabbing the broken iPhone off the counter. It had taken the brunt of the fall when I got hurt and the screen was shattered.

“I’ll come with.” Mason smiles and I nod.

“Same.” Harry butts in and I give him a look. He smiles and I roll my eyes. He knows that I want to be alone with Mason, so he isn’t making it possible.

“Okay, let’s go.” I groan, pulling my cowboy boots on. I wasn’t going to go in town looking city or people would kill me, so along with my boots a put on my cowboy hat. Mason and Harry both laughed at me and we climbed into the old Ford that we didn’t use a lot.

“Danger, let’s go.” I shout and the black dog flies to me. Well, not literally flies but runs really fast. He jumps into the back and Cocoa follows, a huge chocolate lab.

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