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You grab your luggages and sit down waiting for your hosts to come. You read the names again and again. 'Dale and Meredith'
You stand up as a figure approaches you.
???: are you y/n?
Y/n: yh
???: I'm dale come with me
You follow him to his car and you sit next to the a boy and a girl
Y/n: hi I'm y/n what is your name?
???: I'm Johnny
???:I'm Lauren
Y/n: cool
The rest of the journey is silence... not awkward silence just silence
You finally arrive at the house and your jaw is touching the floor while a slight bit of drool escapes the edge of your mouth
Johnny: what's wrong???
Y/n: nothing your house is just really BIG!
Lauren: you'll get used to it
Y/n: now whose gonna give me the house tour?
Johnny: I'm down
Y/n: great let me go get my luggage and I'll be right there

This was short but please comment what should happen next
Love yall

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