District 8 female

Our district 8 female is Stacey Hollows who is 16 years of age.

She has light brown hair with blonde highlights which is down to her waist and is also wavy.

She has aqua eyes sassy eyes small cute nose her cheek bones show she has long lashes and her eyes are very noticeable, she has perfect white gleaming teeth and a warm glow to her skin.

Her idea weapons are spears knifes and swords.

She can get boys on her side with her appearance and then kill them without hesitation.

She has great balance and is amazing at sneaking up on people when they least expect it.

She has decent camouflage skills and unfortunately has no family.

The only member of her family left is her great grandpa but he is dying of cancer and hates Stacey.

She has no boyfriend but might be developing a crush on Blake Collins the district 1 tribute.

She gets jeans and rips them into tight mini shorts and skirts and wears singlet tops and a thick head band.

She is down to earth a little cheeky and naughty but overall a decent girl.

This character is property of Miss_Mystery_devil to be used in the tasks set for the 1st writer games by chloebelle23

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