Chapter 15

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I wait excitedly for my daughter to get home. Call me a loser but it's been two weeks since I've seen her and I've missed her.

Vic had called Tay and told her to pick Chrissy up which just pissed me off. Does he really want that little contact with me?

Lisa misses her so she's coming to stay the night then Lisa will go with Vic tomorrow night.

It feels like forever but soon enough Chrissy arrives with Tay.

"What took so long?" I whine, rushing over to my daughter and engulfing her in my arms.

"We had to go shopping." Tay beams as I hold Chrissy tightly.

"What for?" I ask confused.

Chrissy bites her lip as she pulls out of my arms. She slips her shirt over her shoulder slightly revealing a bra strap.

"Oh my God, honey, that's amazing!" I gasp, pulling her back into my arms.

My eyes fill with tears as my heart fills with pride. She giggles and hugs me back.

"So are you filling out or are you stuffing it? What's going on?" I ask her.

"Dad," she whines.

"Hey, I'm your dad, I want to know everything." I explain.

"Well I'm filling out a little bit. The doctor said that I should expect to naturally get to an A cup, maybe even a B cup. We bought a few training bras but I go some proper ones that I can stuff." she explains, blushing furiously.

"That's great, baby. When did the doctor say this?" I question.

"Last Wednesday." she chirps and my heart sinks.

"You're going to appointments without me now?" I sigh sadly.

"Daddy, you don't have to attend every single appointment I have." she says.

"But I want to. I'm your dad and I don't want to miss these things." I explain.

"With how you and Papa are at the moment, I just didn't think it was a good idea to have you both in the same room." she says.

"Wait, your Papa was there and I wasn't?" I snap.

"Dad, can you please not make this a thing?" Chrissy grumbles.

I nod, feeling shitty for making her special moment all about me.

"I'm so proud of you, honey. You're so beautiful." I tell her, wiping a tear from my eyes as I let go of her once again.

"Daddy, don't cry. If you cry then I'll cry and it'll ruin my makeup." she explains making me laugh.

"Okay. Why don't you go see your sister? She misses you like crazy." I suggest.

Chrissy kisses my cheek quickly before she rushes off upstairs.

"How was she when you took her shopping?" I ask Tay.

"Self-conscious at first but when she realized no one cared that she was there, she got more comfortable and we had fun." Tay explains which makes me grin.

I hate how self-conscious Chrissy can get. It's relieving to hear she's becoming more comfortable with herself, especially out in public.

"You really love those girls." Tay smiles softly.

"I do. Why do you say that though?" I ask curious.

"You've been miserable. I've haven't seen you smile this much in a while." Tay explains.

I sigh and run my fingers through my hair.

"My kids are my world. You understand that."

She smiles and nods.

"Yeah, Ella is my everything." she whispers.

We're left in silence after that. I can tell Tay's thinking about something.

"Family is your world, Kell. You never had that growing up so it's become your whole reason for living. Vic is included in that family. And I think you're just as scared as losing him as you are about losing Junior." She says.

"Don't bring Junior into this!" I snap.

"I'm sorry." she apologizes. "What I mean to say is, if you lose Vic, you're going to be broken. You might think you hate him and you think you could live without him but you can't."

I roll my eyes annoyed. She's exactly like Mike. It's like they don't even care about my feelings.

I feel justified in my anger towards Vic. He was the one who flipped out on me. I just retaliated. They should be lecturing him, not me.

I storm away and go upstairs. I hear the girls talking in Lisa's room so like the dad I am, I go to eavesdrop.

"What do you think Dad will do if he and Papa divorce?" Chrissy asks casually.

"Fall apart, very tragically." Lisa mumbles.

"Do you think he'll remarry?" Chrissy asks.

"Yeah. He'll do it almost immediately to try and get over Papa. But he'll probably marry an asshole. The kind that hits him and is probably transphobic." Lisa says humorously.

"Oh God. I can see it already." Chrissy whines.

"What about Papa?" Lisa asks.

"He'll never move on. He'll probably become an alcoholic honestly. Not violent though, just sad and pathetic. Uncle Tony and Mike will have custody of us and both Papa and Dad will try to get custody but anyone can see that they're too unstable to look after us. We'll get older, move away. Dad will probably die at the hands of his abuser and Papa won't be able to handle that so he'll put a bullet through his head." Chrissy rambles.

"Chris, I don't like this. Can we change the subject." Lisa whimpers.

There's silence after that.

Are my daughters really suffering this much?

"Have you seen Junior yet?" Chrissy asks Lisa.

There's silence so I assume she shakes her head.

"You should really go see him, Lees." Chrissy sighs.

"I can't." Lisa whimpers. "I can't see him like that."

"But what if this is your last chance to see him?" Chrissy urges.

"I want to remember him as my dorky little brother, not laying in a hospital bed unconscious."

"Don't you want to say goodbye?" Chrissy whispers.

"He's not dead, Chrissy! God!" Lisa snaps.

"You're just like, Dad. You're so in denial about this whole thing." Chrissy mutters.

"Well you're just like Papa. You're so cynical about this whole thing." Lisa huffs.

There's a long silence after that.

"I love you, little sis." Chrissy says.

"Just because you were born a minute and a half before me, doesn't make you older." Lisa snorts.

"Sure does." Chirps Chrissy. "Anyway, I'm going back to school tomorrow. You should come."

"I don't think I'm ready just yet. Besides, Daddy needs me." Lisa says.

Suddenly, I find Mike standing in front of me. He gives me a disapproving look and drags me away from the girls.

"Stop eavesdropping. Give them their space." He sighs.

"I just need to make sure they're okay. They need me." I whine.

"Kellin, they have each other. You don't need to worry about them." Mike explains but that leaves me thinking.

If they have each other, Tay has Ella and Mike has Tony, who do I have? Maybe they don't need me. But I sure as hell need them.


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