Chapter 5

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Lance's P.O.V.
It's been a week since I confessed I was a prime omega to Shiro and Keith and they've been really supportive. I don't know how I'll ever be able to choose between them. They've been sitting with my friends at lunch and talking to me a lot.

I feel like they don't care that I'm a prime omega, as if they like me for me. It makes me feel really happy. They haven't let on to any possibility they're dating so I might have a chance. I really like them both but I'm still to nervous to ask them out.

"-ance. Lance!" Hunk says snapping me from my thoughts "Everything alright? You've been really distant lately."

"What do you do if you like two people? " I ask

"Is this about Keith and Shiro?" Hunk asks

"How did you know?" I question

"I've seen the way you look at them." Hunk replies "So, what do you think you should do."

"Well obviously I need to choose one, but how?" I sigh "And do they even like me back? They look like they like each other but they haven't said anything about dating. What if they do like me but it's only because I'm an omega?"

"Lance calm down, I'm sure they're not like that." Hunk says wrapping me in a warm hug "Just take your time and think about what would make you happy."

"You're right, I don't need to rush into anything, but I should probably make a choice." I say "Now we should get ready for work."

"Yeah we should, I also want to ask Allura about some new menu items." Hunk agrees and stands up "Oh and if Keith or Shiro ever hurt you I will kill them."

"Haha, thanks Hunk, I know you always have my back." I say smiling as we get ready for work

Hunk drives us there in his car and once we arrive we change into our uniforms and wait until our shift starts. Pidge arrives soon after and changes into their uniform.

"Sup Pidge." I say

"Hey Lance, Do you know where Allura is? I need to talk to her about my brother." Pidge asks

"In her office I think, Hunk's talking to her as well." I reply

"Ok thanks." They say and walk off, leaving me all alone

'They don't like you'

'They're just pretending to be friends with you'

'If you weren't an omega they wouldn't want to be around you'

"Shut up." I whisper to myself "They're my friends."

'Are they? Do you still believe that?'

"Lance are you ok?" I hear a voice say and I look up to see Allura with Hunk and Pidge

"I'm fine Allura, just really tired." I say, plastering a fake smile on my face

"Ok if you're sure." Allura says, looking a little unconvinced "Well it's pretty much time for opening, also Keith and Shiro are waiting out the front."

"Really?" I ask perking up a little

She nods and we all exit out of the break room and I head to the cash register. Keith and Shiro will order whatever they want here so I'll get to talk to them. Allura unlocks the door and switches on the 'open' sign. Keith and Shiro are the first ones in the door. My heat is beating so fast already.

"Hey guys, what can I get you?" I ask

"Two coffees, one black, the other with a dash of milk." Keith states

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