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Bang! Crash! Bang!

Percy was getting punched by his horrible stepfather, Gabe Ugliano. It was not his first time being abused. It was like this ever since he was a born, the same year his mother got married to this bastard. It went on like this until now, when Percy was two.

Today, was Friday. Percy's favourite day of the week. It was the day that his mom picked him up from kindergarten. He waited excitedly at the gate. Sally came and picked up Percy.

Everything was fine until Sally suddenly whirled around, sensing that something was off.
A giant hellhound was bounding towards them. Sally quickly took out her celestial bronze dagger which Poseidon gave her for Percy's and her safety.
She was not trained at all and held the weapon with both hands shakily in front of her. Trying to protect herself and her son.

The hellhound quickly dodged and slashed at her.

Sally received a fatal blow.

In her dying breath, she looked at the fire she saw in her son's eyes which reflected the moon. She whispered.

"My son will grow into a caring, modest man. I wish for all gods who have lost or do not have a son to be my son's parent.''
She turned to face Percy.
"Bye bye little one. Don't come and see me anytime soon yeah? Be good and stay stro..strong...''

Percy roared as he saw his mother's lifeless body. He picked up the dagger which lay cold, much like it's past owner. He picked the blade up as he heard the hellhound sneak up behind him. He whirled and stabbed. After receiving many blows on his small body, he finally killed the beast with a final stab, which burst into golden dust.

He slumped over his mother when he felt the presence of three people close in.
He picked the blade up and struggled to stay on his feet.

He turned to see three women.
One was wearing a white swaying dress which had peacock designs and gold chains around it. She held her head high and had a small golden crown.

Another one looked around fifteen. She had waist length auburn hair and striking silver eyes. She wore more modern clothing but it was all in silver.

The last one made him sob. She reminded him of Sally so much. She seemed warm and cosy, and she also had a kind yet strong look in her eyes. She also wore a swaying dress but hers was brown. She had warm chocolaty eyes which shone red.

"I am Hera. Queen of Olympus and the goddess of marriage.''
the first one said.

"I am Artemis. Goddess of the moon, hunt and chastity.''
the silver one said.

"I am Hestia. Goddess of the hearth and I also am a virgin goddess.''
The warm one said.

"I'm Percy Jackson. Why are you here?''
Percy asked in a manner which questioned his age.

"We have come to listen to your mother's last wish. She asked for all gods who do not have a caring son to look after you.'' Hera answered.

Artemis closed Sally's glassy eyes and said,

"I Artemis, goddess of the moon, hunt and chastity swear on the river Styx to take care and protect Perseus Jackson, my son.''
She shot Percy with a wave of silver. His appearance changed. His pupils were now sea green with a hint of silver, and he now had a tattoo of a wolf and the moon on his shoulder. He was now able to see in the darkest caves and shoot an arrow as far as 300 metres.

 He was now able to see in the darkest caves and shoot an arrow as far as 300 metres

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