When two idiots were in class

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Archer and Skyler were both third year business majors in their university and shared the same marketing class in the morning. The teaching assistant had walked in to take attendance before the professor arrived, which would take quite a long time considering the fact there were eighty students in total. As names were being called one by one, Archer leaned over to Skyler to quietly update him on what he'd learned about Rags that morning. Skyler pretended not to care when in reality he was already well aware of everything he was being told.

Buying into his friend's uninterested look, Archer sighed, "Come on, Sky. We should try our best to help Rags out. I wish you could get along with her. You don't know how long she'll be stuck with us, so might as well—"

"Save it. I have no thoughts on getting any closer to her than I need to."

"She really isn't a bad gho—" Archer stopped himself mid-word, realizing there were nearly eighty other people around to eavesdrop on their seemingly crazy conversation. "Uh, I mean person. She's our friend now."

Skyler's expression remained unchanged, prompting Archer to give up trying to change his mind for the moment. However, this was far from his last attempt.

The TA called out, "Jack Turner?"


"And finally, Ashlyn Tyler?"

There was no reply.

"Absent. Okay, everyone. I hope you didn't forget that your reports are due today. Please pass them forward."

"Shit, it was due today?" Archer asked in panic, rummaging through his backpack in the hopes to find a miracle.

Showing his own completed assignment, Skyler replied, "Yeah. You forgot?"

"Why didn't you remind me about it?"

"Was I supposed to?"

Burying his face into his empty hands, Archer groaned, "You're such an asshole sometimes, Sky..."

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