Collins was muttering to himself as he walked back and forth, back and forth. He looked upset and angry. Reve stood there watching for five minutes before he saw her.


“Don't! I've had enough of being kept in the dark, of being hidden away. I've had enough of it all. You have some answers and I want them.” She glared at him, willing him to flinch at her words. He didn't, he merely shrugged his shoulders and sat down.

“Ok, you're right. I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later.”

They sat down facing each other. Neither knew how they should start but Reve couldn’t stand the silence.

“How much of me is human?” She blurted. This was one of the questions she was frightened of hearing the answer to. But now was not the time to hide.

Collins took in a deep breath before he answered.

“I would say half. We conducted tests, not long after you were born. You know your DNA is a mash up of Human, Draconian and Grey. In all honesty you shouldn't have survived, but you did.” He picked up a blade of grass and pulled it between his fingers, a sign he was nervous. “We tried to find out why”.

Reve waited, knowing that she wasn't going to like whatever he told her. She kept quiet, knowing she needed to hear this.

“The aliens, had impregnated thousands of women, with the same genetic code that you have. At the time your mother was carrying you, we'd heard that a few thousand women had given birth. Some women died in the process, some like your mother did not. But...” He cleared his throat.


“Many, well at least over half that were born died within the first two years. At a guess the aliens don't understand why, that's why we think they’ve upped the evacuations. They're breeding a new race, one that's subservient to them.”

Reve absorbed this new information, before asking “Ok, so where is this going? You say I'm half human. What does this have to do with me?” Reve was coming to the realisation of just how much, her family had concealed from her.

“Reve, you're the only one left that has matured that we’re aware of.”

This conversation, wasn't going where she had expected it to go. Instead, Collins was telling her, that at first she wasn't alone, and now she was. That somehow, the other hybrids had perished. Reve felt cheated and saddened, there went her hope of being able to connect to another like herself. A thought she wasn’t even aware she had.

“How am I any the only one? I don't understand.”

“Honestly Reve, we're not sure. You mother and I discussed what might happen to you as you got older. We had reports of Hybrids reaching puberty at the age of five. But once they began to change, some died during the process. Most not long after that. It was if their bodies simply shut down.”

Reve realised that should have happened to her, whilst she was in the car. But yet, here she was. "And the change? I now understand why red meat was forbidden. But what about what happened in the woods?" She asked.

She felt a little over whelmed, the fact that she’d survived the change into adulthood whilst others hadn’t was a big shock.

“I think that was a defence mechanism. Human skin is soft and easy to damage, remember how strong those scales are." He nodded towards my head. Reve involuntary began to touch them. She supposed that would make sense.

“Will I stay human? If I did change will I stay that way?” She held her breath frightened of the answer.

“Reve, you'll always be human, at least in part. I can't answer that last bit, as I honestly don't know. When I went into town, I managed to get in touch with the old unit.”

Collins then explained what else he’d found out whilst he visited the army base. “Somehow, it's gotten out about you." She looked at him in alarm. "Don't worry, we can trust them. We can go to them for the rest of the answers Reve." Collins tried to look reassuring. He understood her fear, but he knew those men; had even fought alongside them once. When there were only wars between men.

It was a scary thought. Reve only ever knew her Mother, Carl and Collins. She had never spent too long in another’s company. But what choice did she have? She wanted to know more about herself, desperately hanging onto whatever herself she had left.

Collins had been watching Reve, waiting for her to come to a decision. “Ok, but Collins. If you ever lie to me again, or hide things from me. I will never forgive you.”

Collins nodded. He explained that some of the team would escort them both to their base. But that they had to pack up and meet them before it got dark. “And Reve, if at any time you feel yourself changing and cannot control, please tell me. We can do this together.”

They headed out towards the edge of the woods, and heard a car approaching. Feeling more than a little anxious, Reve held Collins hand for comfort, who gave it a little squeeze. Collins waved at the oncoming car, which slowed down.

Reve was awash with anxiety as she let Collins lead the way. She stayed quiet, preparing herself to flee if they posed any type of threat.

“Bloody hell Collins, you're a sight for sore eyes.” A stocky older man, with a buzz cut hair said as he got out of the car, he patted Collins on the back.

“Eddie, it's good to see you too.” Collins grinned as he pulled me forward towards Eddie. “And this is Reve.”

He gave her the once over, his eyes lingered over the scales on Reve’s forehead. He held his hand out, “Nice to meet you Reve.” She shook his hand feeling the strength behind the grip.

“Likewise Eddie.” Reve smiled hiding her anxiety. Eddie seemed pleased.

“Well you certainly have a pretty one here” he nudged Collins, teasingly. Collins laughed along with him.

“Everything set up?” enquired Collins.

“Sure is. And I have to say I am more than a little impressed with your work over the years. But enough talk, let’s get to base. We'll discuss everything and in detail once we get there.”

Eddie held the car door open for Reve whilst Collins stowed the camping gear in back, then got in alongside of Eddie. They chatted as old friends would, who'd not seen each other in years. Reve on the other hand felt anticipation and dread. It was a strange combination, and had her wondering of what was to come.

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