Chapter 3

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Lia's POV

"wait why did I say yes to Calum" I questioned myself

"Well maybe you were stuck in the moment because you felt rebellious you said yes" Isaac replied "when will Netflix be available in Australia" Brianna screamed she will never let this go

(there is actually no Netflix in aus 😓)

" Lele there's someone at the door"

"Coming " I walked downstairs what the fuck

"Oh hi Calum " I awkwardly looked at him

"Well I will leave you two to it" my mum was probably as confused as me

"Why the heck are you at my house and how do you know where I live"

"Well I followed you home and it's time for our date "but my friends are here and stalker much" I heard the front door shut and they left "why are we even having our date now "

"Because I'm busy for the rest of the week and grab you bikini and let's go"

I returned a few minutes later wearing my topical bikini and and a beach coverup "let's go"

"Lele were do you think your going"

"to the beach with cal bri and Isaac" my mum would never let me go to the beach by self with a boy she didn't know

"back before 8 understood"

"yes mum"

"Bye miss" I laughed Calum had no clue what my mums name was

"Good bye Calum"

Me and cal walked for about 5 minutes until he stopped "look in so sorry but I can't do this" before I could say anything he have me a kiss on the cheek and walked off what who the hell dose that

Calum's POV

I felt so bad but I couldn't to that to Isabelle she was my love "hey babe" she didn't reply for a while "hey cal"

" I missed you" she whispered I gave her a kiss things got pretty heated until I got a text "wait a sec" Who's number was that

hi Calum I'm sorry if I did anything to make you say what you said but bye -lele the one thing I thought of was I'm an asshole .




Hi sorry I haven't updated lately my phone hasn't been charing but any new chapter yay hope you like it


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