The player and me chapter 3 *rewritten*

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Chapter 3: Movie time b*tches!

"Woo!" I shouted as I ran in through the front doors.

"Carter! Slow down!" I heard Macie yell from behind me.

Her thudding footsteps and panting could be heard.

I threw my shoes off and jumped into the sofa.

I had already set up everything we needed after we came to my house from Macie's.

I set the table with junk food and put the sofa in the position of a mattress.

The table was low, so it wouldn't feel weird, when we're down here, and it's up there.

The sofa was leather and soft. So we'll be sleeping here.

We changed into our pajamas then we went to the store to get some ice cream.

We were out of chocolate.

Both of us loved to eat it, because we usually ended up crying when we watched a lot of the movies and also cause chocolate was soooo damn good!

I had cookies n' cream today and Macie had Mint chocolate chip.

I looked up and sat straighter as Macie walked in with the ice cream in her hands, glaring at me.

I gave her an innocent look and cocked my head to the side.

"I-u ahhh!" She yelled. Well, stuttered.

But then she gave a resigned sigh.

"Here's your ice cream" She threw it at me and plopped down next to me.

I grinned and thanked her. "And here's our spoons" I said, reaching over and grabbing our two favorite spoons from the table.

Mine's was orange in the round part, where the food goes, and the handle, sticky thing was black.

Macie's was red in the round part and green in the handle thingy.

Yes, we had favorite spoons. Based on our favorite holidays.

I loved Autumn and Halloween.

Thus the black and orange.

Macie loved Winter and Christmas.

Thus the red and green.

We ALWAYS had our annual girl nights with these spoons.


"Okay! So I think we should switch it up this time." I said.

Macie nodded in agreement. "Uh hu! These movies are getting boring" She said.

"Except The Lion King! That will never get old" She added.

Everything in our girl's night had to be the same. Except the movies. We could change them if we wanted.

"So, I was thinking we could watch: The Hangover, Valentine's Day, Death at a Funeral , Letters To Juliet, Percy Jackson, Lion King, Prom Night, Titanic and that's it" I said, biting my lip and looking at her for approval.

She took in all the titles and nodded.

"Yeah, that'll do" She commented.

I let out a sigh. "Good, cause I didn't buy anything else" I said

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