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Vote for being the most inconsistent updater on wattpad ? Haha I hate my self.
Hey you guys! As always I start out with a small apology to readers and friends that I haven't updated like I promise. Which really sucks because the whole point kf this book was supposed to keep me in line. But...anyway I'm here to say that soon enough I will be getting a more frequent update status because school is almost over ! I can not promise anything for sure though since I still do work and have other things to attend to. Though I've been working on some drafts. I've gave like three of them half done just not posted yet. I'm just gonna post an estimated update schedule here and hope I can get around it. This time I may focus less on days though and more on months. Here we go
Fireflies A FullMetal Alchemist Fanfiction: Currently editing chapter ten,Im still deciding if I should post like three chapters to make up for my hiatus at once . The chapter of that chapter should come out sometime in this month.

Those Stone cold Eyes :
Ahhh yes the Jeff the killer fanfiction I've been working on for your years. So as i have been saying for the last few months it will be ending soon and every one will be shook. The books last chapters I'm going to update on all of the same day. So that book will be done around this month going into next month.

Jeff the killer sequel ?
As I've been planning this book will be posted a few days of at least a week after the ending of the first book so around this month or next month.

Eclaire  And Kiomi Destroy the World: Me and HalfmetalAlchemist are working on chapter nine and I think she's working on uploading the other finished chapters so keep on the look out for notifications !

Flower Crowns:

So me and MoonlightHysteria are still in the process of getting the book in order. Because school has gotten in the way we both haven't been able to do much but we hope summer will give us plenty of opportunities.

Last note: This section is just to say for those of you that follow my friend peanutbutterdemon 's  account Adam is currently back from his two year hiatus. He is planning to write some good fanfictions and I encourage that you guys at least check them out when they update.

That's all for now but I wanted to do a quick little shoutout and I love you all !

Ps. If you all have any opinions on chapters of my stories please don't be afraid to leave comments I love feedback and responding to people! :) -Anime_Nerd36


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