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After reassuring his mother over the phone he'd made it back to his hotel and was just about to sleep,

Yifan placed his phone onto the nearby lamp table, It was a little past 11:30 am and surely wasn't a usual time to sleep but since he'd gotten to the set at 7:40am and left around 11am, he needed the extra hour or two of shuteye.

The shoot went really well, and he was happy with his work today.

Now he was back to his hotel to rest and clear his mind of any negative thoughts,

It would always be somewhat bittersweet.. but better days were ahead he could hold on to that.

Yifan laid out on his back in dark jeans and a gray t-shirt with closed eyes trying to prep his mind for sleep, He then suddenly jolted up to change into more comfortable bottoms.

He was restless some days, but today was a good restless, Xǔ Director-jī gave some of the best praise and he kept it in mind the whole drive back.. It was an honor.

Although still being in the beginning stages it was slowly coming together.. very slowly, Nonetheless he was living out a life long dream of his, The opportunity to film an star in a full length movie, He still could not believe nor fathom it.

His mind continuously raced with thoughts, A roller-coaster of emotions built inside him, He had no idea how to express it all, But this was almost everything he could dream of and more.

The beautiful breathtaking settings of prague, the whirlwind of how fast everything occurred,

He had to pinch himself a few times and remember to live in the moments, But everything was far from perfect..

He still felt burdened with a weight on his shoulders and knew what he had to do.

Make peace with himself.. but the blows he took were not easy, none of this was easy of course..

Their were still nights where he felt lonely, He'd be okay having his old good friends before debut back in Guangzhou and was slowly being embraced by and becoming a family with cast an crew, But it was still new.

In whatever's ahead of him, He feels he has a firm support core.

Everything has changed drastically in his life, He knows he hurt many an it's pained him, His reasons could never justify that pain, But he's stood his ground firmly through all of it and assured his beloved fans he's done what's best for his future and will be okay and content, He wishes more than anything to speak to them more frequently and personally, But not yet... which not only saddens but burdens him.. With their love and support in his mind an heart he feels he could get through anything.

Not to mention his family and the unbelievable support he's received from his cast an director-jī,

It took a while longer to leave the set after filming, Because of numerous long conversations an tips being kindly offered to him, It makes him happy thinking about it, once again thinking it has to be a dream.

Almost overwhelmed but beyond grateful, Wanting to show his gratitude back ten times more,

He had his small ways like observing and taking care of staff an any small burdens on set, he didn't mind, This wasn't just a project he felt free an wanted, His loneliness would slowly disappear,

Talks were the best, especially with the one person who decided to take a chance on him, a rookie actor.

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