Seokjin x Christian Yu.

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(This Christian Yu) 

(This Christian Yu) 

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(This Seokjin)

It's hurt seeing the one you love holding another man in his embraced

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It's hurt seeing the one you love holding another man in his embraced. Then,  they're sharing a hot kisses and muttering dirty words to each other.

Kim Seokjin,  17 years old,  got too many times heartbroken when he declared that he loves his own foster dad.  Yu Barom or known as Christian Yu,  32 years old. The first time he confessed towards the latter when they're both hiking on mountain but he got rejected because he only seeing Seokjin as his own son. 

Not more than that. 

He's running away but ended up Christian scolded him but spoiled him again as apologized.  The next months,  he confessed again but Christain still saying the same thing -

He only seeing Seokjin as his son. 

Finally,  he give up chasing non-existence love.  He will seeing Christian as his own dad like he requested.

"Seokjin,  be mine?" He was shocked when someone confessed to him when he's going back to home. 

"W-what?" Seokjin still blinks and didn't get what the others saying.

"Please be my boyfriend.  I like you for a long time." He gulped his saliva and nodded slowly,  his weakness is he can't refused because he felt guilty afterwards.  His heart never beating the same when he's with Christian. 

"O-okay,  Dean."

Kwon Hyuk or like to be called as Dean,  has a long crush towards him.

Dean smiles widely when Seokjin accepted him and enveloped a hug to the latter.  Seokjin pattsd his back awkwardly and put a tight smile.  "-t-there,  there-"

He released a hug and cupped Seokjin's face and peck his lips.  He startled and still blink.  "You're so beautiful and cute- I'm the lucky one having you around.  Let's go to date" he said enthusiastically. 

Seokjin take a deep breath.  Maybe he should give a chance to him. 

"Yes,  let's go tomorrow"
"Jinnie- you're home?" Christian smiles towards him while cooking for dinner.  Seokjin wanna backhug him but he held himself.  Why he's so in love with his foster dad?  Blame him because he's kindhearted man despite being so hot. 

"Yes," he give short answer. 

"Go change, we're having dinner." Seokjin goes to his bedroom and take a short bath before picking his bigger sweater hug his body.  When he goes out,  he saw Christian waiting for him while call someone with his smiles upon his lips.  'Tch- can he be more sensitive having me around?'

Seokjin sit on his seat and take a bowl of rice and start eating without Christian.  The latter hung up his phone while shook his head.  "Hey,  wait for me,  son"

Seokjin rolled his eyes with 'SON' words.  "How about your school?  Something interesting"

"Very interesting.  A lot of surprise for me" Christian chuckles when Seokjin give an sassy answer. 

"Really?  Tell me."

"Someone confessed to me and we're having a date tomorrow" he answered. 


Seokjin look up at him and furrow his eyebrow. "Excuse me?"

"No.  You're still young" Christian said with his cold voice. Seokjin can sense his dark aura around his body. 

"You can't order me around.  I have my own life!"

"Kim Seokjin!" Christian look at him straight.  He still call Seokjin's full name because he still have some respect for his old family.  "What make you desperate huh? You're still 17 for god sake!  I'm trying to protect you! Why you so hard to understand-"

Seokjin startled with his words.  He put chopsticks down and glare to him.  "Yes,  I'm rebel kid.  It's hard to understand me and why it's so hard for you to understand me!  Because I'm your 'SON'?  You oblivious my feeling towards you but you obvious what I need! I'm fucking done-"

"Seokjin!  Words!"

Seokjin rose from his seat and slam his bedroom door.  Christian rubbed his face with a sigh. 

"Why it's so hard for you,  Seokjin?"
"What happened to you?" Dean wipe Seokjin's face with worry drew on his face. "Your face bloated"

Seokjin pouted.  "So- you dislike me already?"

"No. I'm just worry about you" Dean convinced him.  Seokjin sighed and cupped his own face.

"Treat me food"

"Of course! Let's go with me" Dean hug his waist and lead him to restaurant. 

Seokjin loves food and when he sad,  he like to eat every kind of food to forget his problem.  He's waiting Dean bring tray of food towards him and smiles handsomely. 

"Let's eat,  Jinnie" he take a food from the tray and eat deliciously. Dean smiles as he satisfied Seokjin now be his.  They're both talking to each other and threw soft smiles while holding each other hand. 

"Seokjin" he whipped his head to look at the one who calling him. 


He gasped when the latter pulled his wrist and glared towards Dean. 

"Don't you fucking near him again.  I warn you-" he dragged out Seokjin forcefully eventhough Seokjin whining when he's being hurt. 

Dean gaping his mouth as he can't do anything and he feel many eyes laid on the drama. 
Christian threw him on the couch and panting. Seokjin rubbed his wrist and look away,  holding back his tears. 

"I have my reason, Jinnie." He crouch down to Seokjin and wipe his leak tears.  Its hurt him to be honest but he can't tell Seokjin what his feeling.  "You're young- too young.  I love you- romantically since I laid my eyes on you but I can't - because I am ur father."

"Let me be with someone else then" Seokjin said coldly. 

"I'm greedy,  I can't with another person and I can't see you with anyone else.  It's hurt me.  I can't imagine they touching yours-.  I'm sorry,  I want the best for you but this love sometimes overboard- and I-"

Seokjin kissed him upon his lip and frowned.  "You want me happy? I'm happy with you,  daddy"

Christian look down and then his face show determined.

"We can't go back now, I love you and from now on,  don't look at another people other than me.  I am yours to begin with and you're mine." He said with his deep voice and sharp eyes.

"Stay away from that fucking Dean or you will see his corpse tomorrow"

Chikacikaka for you.  There's part of history for me.  :3

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