Friends and Lovers

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He pressed his lips to hers the minute he walked in the apartment door. She was glad she hadn't met him at the train station: their reunion would have been diluted, a shadow of what it was meant to be. Teddi squeezed him tightly, meeting his kisses reverently. Over the last few months, Calvin had been her lifeline as she struggled to get over her grandfather's death and adjust to living alone with her grandmother. He only took two courses at the university that semester, while Teddi took time off and buried herself in her work at the paper. Things had changed. If people stared at them, neither noticed. Other things mattered more now. Like having her grandmother finally on their side. Having him away from her these past two weeks had been terribly overwhelming. It was obvious from his actions that her feelings were reciprocated.

Calvin shrugged off his coat and scarf some time between the door and the sofa, his suitcase forgotten on the front stoop in the cold December air. Teddi wanted Calvin to accept his brother's invitation to California, but Calvin had been reluctant to at first. The brothers hadn't spoken in months when Riley sent Calvin a peace-offering in the form of a plane ticket. Calvin called ready to refuse but said that the sincerity of Riley's apologetic voice made him change his mind.

Teddi and Calvin sighed mutually as he settled her onto his lap and slipped his arms around her middle, reacquainting her neck with his mouth. Teddi whimpered and lulled her head to the side, reveling in the sensations coursing through her body as soft music drifted from Calvin's secondhand radio. The tempo of the jazz band's beat thumped in time with her pulsing heart and Calvin's probing fingers.

"I missed you," she whispered.

"Next time," Calvin mumbled against her skin, "you'll just have to come with me." He spread a hand along her back, gripping the material of her dress, pulling the front of it taut against her frame. Teddi placed her hands on either side of his face, wanting another kiss. The corners of his mouth twitched into a small smile when he saw her eyes darken and her tongue sweep across her bottom lip.

Teddi slipped her fingers through his hair and studied his mouth. She wanted him so much more than she ever had. Before, she felt drawn to him by some inexplicable force and filled with good feelings when they finally met. Now, it was as if their hearts and souls were tangled and twisted together in a never-ending knot, securing their survival.

She loved his easy nature because it was not at all what it seemed. He was casual and relaxed in so many ways but intense and full of complexities, especially these days. She hated that she was the cause of Calvin's rift with Riley, but she secretly loved that he'd chosen her without blinking. He was making decisions based on what he wanted. They both were, but could love really make it past judgment? She was starting to believe that it might.

Teddi brushed her lips across his, warmly teasing him before they were kissing again. In ten minutes, her dress was unzipped, his shirt was unbuttoned and their fingers were touching and massaging previously hidden skin. The mutual desire to move their physical relationship to the next level brought them both to the edge of composure. Teddi wanted to wait. They would wait. It was the right thing to do. In the midst of hazy desire, it took them a long while to notice that the fat radio in the corner of the room no longer emitted the jolting jives of popular jazz but the panicked grainy sound of a man far away, reporting words that made their blood run cold.

"...the severe bombing of Pearl Harbor by air raid. The city of Honolulu has also been attacked. This battle has been going on for nearing three hours. This is no joke. It is a real war. There is significant damage in the air and on the sea. Ladies and gentleman, we are under attack."

Some time between the words bombing and battle, Teddi and Calvin had separated. Calvin's feet stalked over the living room rug, while Teddi sat facing the radio with the tips her of fingers sandwiched between her teeth.

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