The Past Reflects the Present

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My ass was completely and utterly numb. Like, there was no feeling in either of my cheeks. Someone could light a fire down there and I wouldn't even feel it.  I sat in that chair for the rest of the night and part of the next day before I was released. Honestly, I thought my life was crappy before, you know, back home, but what was waiting for me on the other side of these binds was a completely different type of fucked up.

But, before I go into what happened when I was released from that horrible, butt-numbing chair, I feel like you guys need a little backstory on my life. The one that took place in my original timeline. I know, I know. None of you probably care too much about my previous life and you're probably thinking something along the lines of, 'dammit, this is going to be one of those chapters where nothing really happens."

Well, I'm sad to inform you that'd you be about 90% right. But, I want you guys to understand me. I want you to know the real me: where I come from, how I ended up as the foul-mouthed person I am, and why I did what I did in the end. So, without further due, here is my life before the car accident.


22 years ago

A bundled baby was left in the cubby hole of a small New Jersey town's orphanage. When you think of babies being left at orphanages there's always an expected image; rainy, maybe dark, and an overall gloomy theme. This day was none of those things.

The heat rolled over the town in waves and with it the sun was unforgiving. In fact, many of the locals couldn't ever recall it ever feeling that hot so early in the year. It was a day that forced people to escape the suffocation of the stifling heat by staying indoors. Because of this, it created the perfect opportunity for a man, caring a bundle of squirming limbs, dressed in pressed trousers and a starched collared shirt, to pause outside the local orphanage. And without ever being seen, place the baby in a brick alcove.

The door knocker was nocked and the man vanished. It was as if he evaporated in the heat of the summer day. The baby had nothing but the lace cloth it was bundled in.

And that's how little Baby Doe was found, tucked away and wrapped in lace. It wasn't until later that she was graced with the name 'Blue' in honor of the street name the orphanage sat on. The last name, Doe, stuck, a cruel joke that was destined to follow her through life, reminding her that she belonged to no one.


5 years old

"You're an orphan." The little girl stuck another rhinestone onto her paper. She pushed it down and glue squeezed out from the sides.

"What's an orphan?" Blue picked up the bottle of blue-green glitter with her chubby fingers. She tipped it over and it all poured out onto her paper, creating a sticky mess. Oh no, she looked up to see Mr. Fox walking around. He was going to be mad when he found out that she spilt the sparkles.

"An orphan is someone who doesn't have a family."  Her friend, who was still sticking rhinestones onto her paper, looked up and then leaned towards Blue. She started to whisper, "I heard my mommy talking about it. She said that you were left on the doorsteps of the orphanage."

"No, I wasn't" Blue's small voice took on a defensive tone. She picked up her paper and quickly dumped the sparkles on the floor. There, now Mr.Fox won't know that it was her who dumped the glitter. Blue looked at her sky that she was working on, it was a sparkling blue now.

"Yes, you were." Hera, said. "My mommy told me so. Do you have a mommy?" She asked, knowing the answer already.

Blue dipped her finger into the glue and started to draw stick figures on her page. She was creating a mess, but so were all the other kids in the class.

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