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"Good morning, Dad." I smiled at my Dad, giving him a hug from his chair. I wandered over to my Mom and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Good morning, to the best Mom in the world! You look beautiful as always!"

"What do you want, child?"

I gasped, putting my hand over my heart. "I can't compliment my stunning mother?"

She turned away from the eggs she was cooking on the stove, putting her hand on her hip. "You only compliment me on when you want things."

I pulled on my finger, looking away from her eyes and staring at the cooking apron over her nurse scrubs. "Well... I was wondering if you could take away your grounding punishment and let me have my freedom back?" My Dad snorted and I glared at him but, he was already looking at the newspaper.

She blinked. "No."

"But, Mommmmmm..." I drew out, shaking her arm. She swatted me with the spatula and I jumped back, rubbing my stinging arm.

"I said no, Kimora. You got expelled from your last school from fighting with some girl! And here you go fighting again which you could risk getting expelled from this school too! I'm not saying that girl didn't deserve to get punched in her mouth but, I don't want you to ruin your future over this mess, understood?" I nodded slowly. "Good. Now go sit down."' She went back to cooking and I sighed, shuffling to the dining table. I wasn't used to my mother scolding me. She usually did it poorly but, this was the first time I'd have to say she did pretty well.

"My life is over!" Matthew sighed dramatically as he walked into the kitchen. I rolled my eyes at him. I should be the one who is saying that.

"Good morning to you too." My Dad said, narrowing his eyes at Matthew.

Matthew sat down in the chair next to me. "I'm sorry... Will decided to quit basketball just before our big game tomorrow night! He's our best shooting guard!"

"What about that one kid, James? Isn't he your backup?"

Matthew rolled his eyes. "James never played but, there is no way he can be as good as Will."

"You'll never know if you don't let him play," Mom added as she placed plates in front of Matthew and I.

Matthew sighed. "I know... Wait. Are you speaking English, Mom?"

"Uh... yeah?" She said in a duh tone as she sat down at the table. 

"That's the first." Matthew shook his head, digging into his food.

My Mom shrugged. "I'm just getting used to speaking English for a long period of time. My boss doesn't like that I speak French all of the time because she thinks I'm talking shit about some people, which I am." Matthew and I laughed while my Dad gave her a disapproving look. She gave him a nervous smile before shoving food in her mouth.

The doorbell rang and my Dad got up from the table to answer it with my Mom and I both following him.

We were nosey, okay?

He opened the door, revealing a troubled-looking Audrey. Worry washed over me and I rushed over to the door, hugging her immediately. I looked over her shoulder at Tyler standing impatiently outside of his car. "Hey... what's wrong?"

Audrey took a deep breath, stepping back and looking at my parents who looked as lost as I was. "Mr. and Mrs. Woods... I-I know Kimora is grounded but, my Aunt just past away and I was wondering if she could stay with me for a few days... I hate being alone in that house and I-I really need her right now."

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