Chapter 10: Setting Sail

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Morning came, and so Zoro awoke from his slumber with his arm loosely slung around a pillow flattened beneath his weight. The Mosshead stared at the pillow for who knows how long as it got his gears rolling cause he felt as if he were missing something. That's when Zoro let loose a growl from the depths of his gut as this wasn't how sleeping arrangements were the night before. It was an eventful night Zoro had to admit, how could he forget? Even for a makeout session that seemed to go on all night after the show was moved to the bedroom. You purposely put a pillow in Zoro's arms to substitute in your absence. Why would you leave? Did Zoro do something wrong to make you leave so suddenly? Everything was fine, or so Zoro thought...

Zoro got himself together and left his personal bedroom to make way for your own and, no surprise, your door was wide open. The Swordsman stepped in through the doorway to find you casually packing up what looked to be a duffle bag with clothes and a sword lying upon your bedside with the light pitter patter of your feet while you packed up your things in such a worried rush, like you were purposely trying to avoid someone or something.

"We just got together and now you're leaving?" Zoro glared at you all the while crossing his arms. His anger was doing the talking now.

"Y-yes," you jumped from your spot all so startled. Then sighed rubbing the back of your neck realizing there was no reason for alarm. "I'm sure you'll understand though, I was given the opportunity to leave... So I'm taking it," you explained.

"I understand," Zoro huffed, he understood but wasn't blessed for it. "You just could've warned me sooner-"

"How could I warn you?" You hugged yourself. "Shanks sometime last night left me the note saying he was leaving and asked if I wanted to join while we were sleeping. Very short notice Zoro," Zoro realized he just walked in on an argument he never should've started. And look, he refuses to continue it. You sighed some time afterwards resting against the wall. "I'm not even telling my dad that I'm leaving, why else am I up so early in the goddamn morning," you yawned.

"More power to you," Zoro grinned, you had taken a page out of his book to become so daring. "But were you planning to leave without telling me?"

"Oh trust me I was gonna tell you," you perked up touch for him to care.

"I knew you didn't like this place, but there's no reason to stick around if there's more bad than good," Zoro sighed which took you by surprise.

"You... Aren't wrong," you agreed. "Why am I so surprised by how well you're taking this? We made out, clothes were lost, and we almost did much more last night," you emphasized the last part with a shy snicker from you both before you settled down. "I knew better than to do such dirty things but now I'm leaving," Zoro grinned much like you least expected.

"Again, no sense in keeping you here if you're better off out there in the world," Zoro repeated.

"I almost told Shanks no because of you," you tut unable to peel the smile from your face. "But I knew you'd come around," you kicked off from the wall and met Zoro at the doorway loosely hugging his torso. "Besides I plan to come back home before you have to return to your crew, I have what... 15 months before you leave?"

"That sounds about right," Zoro returned your embrace. "I want to see you off," he spoke.

"That's fine," you reply getting in one last hug before quickly breaking away to finish packing your things for the journey ahead to avoid Mihawk all together. He was a man who woke up early each and everyday so you were really exhausted as it was to be up at some ungodly hour. Once packed-with some help-Zoro threw your bag over his shoulder meanwhile you took your recently found sword and went outside where believe it or not, the baboons were lined outside the mansion all upset to see you leave. "What the heck," you shook your head. "You all tried to kill me months ago and now you want me to stay?" The baboons nodded in unison with their heads hung low. "I'm not leaving forever so cheer up," you left without another word, the baboons perked up.

"While she's gone," Zoro wore a wicked grimace. "You all have to deal with me," and with that, the baboons ran for the hills in desperation to keep their lives. Zoro felt a sense of accomplishment over this and soon caught up with you. It was a long walk towards the shore of the island, heck Zoro remembered back to when he couldn't even step outside without the baboons wanting to kill him. The tables had completely turned and it made Zoro heart sink once he saw Shanks' ship from between the small clearing of trees all prepped for a long journey ahead. But it was all washed away seeing you smile with eternal happiness.

"Bye Zoro," you pulled Zoro into a loose yet meaningful embrace, the last hug you both shall receive for quite a long time before stealing a quick yet passionate kiss. "I'll see you soon."

"Promise me you'll be back before I leave," Zoro asked while refusing to let your arms free.

"I already promised once, do you need it in writing?"

"I'm good (Y/n), I just don't want to part ways with you forever, nobody is immortal."

"Awe," you felt the need to hug him yet again in which Zoro greatly appreciated. "I'll be back before you know it... And we can do whatever you want when I do come back."

"I'll keep you to that," Zoro pushed on you. "Go on, I'm not going anywhere," but you didn't move confusing him greatly. "What did I tell you?" Zoro smirked. (Y/n) must be having second thoughts to stay with me.

"Bag," you tut, pointing to your bag Zoro had slung over his shoulder.

"Again, not the smartest person on my crew," Zoro huffed and tossed you your bag. "Bye, for


"Bye Zoro," you waved and met up with Shanks who stood at the end of the boardwalk. He took the bag from off your hands and sent Zoro a genuine smile. Zoro remained on the shore until the ship was no longer in sight.

"I'll best Mihawk by the time you get back (Y/n)... Just wait."

"Better hope you're not dead by the time I'm done with you," A cold shiver ran down Zoro's spine. Behind him Mihawk stood with eyes that screamed death and bloodshed on the swordsman before him.

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