The lucky one

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Y/n pov

Omg....e/n (ex name) has broken up with me....
I am so sad and happy at the same time.
I am sad because he broke up with me because he thought I was 'boring'

I am happy because now I can finally have a relationship with c/n.....wait..
I can't,because he has a freaking girlfriend...I really hope he breakups with her/she breakup with him..
(A/n:what happened to you y/n??)

'Ding dong' huh?? Who might that be.

I quickly walked to the door and opened it.....there I saw c/n .

"C/n What are you doing here?"
I asked

"I will explain it cold"

Wait I didn't tell him to enter ..shit that's why he said he was cold

"Yeah..come in"

Me and c/n quickly got inside the house and we both ran for the sofa.

"Let's watch some movie" c/n said

"Okay..."hmm why is c/n not telling me
The reason he came here...

I ran to our bed room and got a big blanket that was enough to cover both of us.

"So what do you wanna watch ??" I asked

"Comedy maybe"I nodded and quickly put on a comedy..

We were watching the movie
And I had this question inside my head that I really wanted to ask

"C/n why did you come here??"I asked hoping he would give me the answer

"Well......r/n broke up with me.. and I kinda like someone else now I wanted to talk to you about it.."

God you have heard my prayers...
I love you so much..

Wait ....what....he likes someone else..NOOOOOOOOO why god why??

"I guess you could say we are 'both' single"I said remembering yesterday's incidents

"Hm..both??" C/n asked curiously

"Yeah..well e/n broke up with me yesterday.."
I said

"I m sorry"
C/n said.....wait is he smiling?? No that might be my imagination

And the talk we turned our head to the TV and started watching the movie

(Timeskip to end of the movie)

"Omg I love this movie so much
It was amazing...."c/n said

"Yes..." I took the remote to turn of the TV

"C/n....."I began
" it wrong that I had fallen in love with someone who was not e/n"

"I guess situation is the same"
C/n said


"So who is the lucky one ??" C/n asked

"Well someone"
I replied hoping that he would change the subject

"Well..who is that someone ??care to explain??" C/n took a popcorn and tossed it in his mouth

"I don't care.."
I said

"I will,if you wanna know about my crush..."

Shit...I get to know his crushes name

"Let me guess your crushes name,i will asked you question and you should answer me"

"Okay ma'am " c/n joked

"Is she from our school??"
I asked


"Well is she in our class"


"Is she in our friend group??"


"R/n ( random name)"
" No"



"F/n ( friend name)??"


"Okay so bff/n ???"


Hm..thats weird we have r/n ,r/g/n,F/n and bff/n in our group who else is there ......wait r/n,r/g/n,f/n ,bff/n come would that be possible c/n doest like me that way right???


He nodded his head

Thats it nobody can stop me from kissing c/n.
I crashed our lips together.
Hm..his lips are soft as I thought

I love him so much

The end

Word count : 621

Hello ,my readers are you guys??????fine????????????????
I got this ideas and I thought why not??
So yeah..
I hope you like this story..I will try to update more


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