3- Introducing Sadie

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As he stood there watching Sadie play with the girls, he was feeling a little more relieved that he possibly found someone that the girls would feel comfortable with and adored. She already seemed like she was good with children and was acting like she had known them since birth. He felt that it was fate that had him stop at that restaurant the night before, and couldn't help but smile while thinking about it.

"So does this mean that you'll take the job?" He asked in hopes that her answer would be yes. He looked at the girls who are smiling, and talking like they have known her for a long time. He knew that they liked her, and noticed that they didn't act this way with any of the other caretakers that he had interviewed.

She turned around with a smile "Of course I'll take the job, how can anyone not want to help care for these adorable little cuties."

He let out a sigh of relief "Thank you, you have no idea how much this means to me. I can honestly say this is one relief off of my shoulders." He sounded happy, relieved and desperate "When do you think you could start?"

"I can start immediately if you would like me to." She says as Gabriella sat down on her lap, handing her a doll.

"I would like that, will you be keeping your other job as well?" He asked curiously.

She smiled as she looked at Gabriella "I actually put in my two weeks notice last night." She said turning back to look at Antonio, and winked. She turned back around and started playing with the girls. He looked at her with a questionable look, then realized she had actually made her decision last night.

Being that the girls had her occupied at the moment, he figured that now would be a good time to call the doctors that he had found on the internet the night before. "Would you mind keeping an eye on them for a few minutes? I need to go make some important phone calls."

"I don't mind at all, do what you need to do, we will be just fine." She said happily.

"Thanks." He walked away, leaving Sadie with the girls. He went into his office and shut the door, praying that at least one of the doctors he found could help Harlow. After making several phone calls, one doctor was willing to fly out the very next day to visit her in the hospital and check out her records. He was also willing to work with her current doctors and see if they could come up with a new plan of attack.

Antonio walked back to the playroom and quietly stood there in the doorway, enjoying how the girls were interacting with Sadie "We have to run to the hospital and visit Harlow for a bit, would you like to go with us and finally meet her?" He asked, thinking that now would be a good time for the two to meet. He wanted to show Harlow who he found, and to let her know that the girls really liked her, hoping that she will too.

She looked at him smiling, with Gabriella hanging from her hand wanting to play "Sure, I'd love to meet her, I don't have anything else going on today."

"Great, I'm sure she would love to meet you."

"I can help get the girls ready, do their hair and find them something nice to wear."

"That would be wonderful, I'm going to make another phone call while you're doing that... thank you." He smiled, loving that he doesn't have to interview another person.

Sadie helped get the girls ready, she brushed their hair and then did their hair in french braids, she then had the girls pick out a dress to wear, wanting them to look pretty for their mother. After the girls were cleaned up and dressed, Sadie looked around and found some paper and crayons, and asked them if they would like to make something for their mom before they went to go see her. "Yes." They both said in unison, they got excited and ran down the stairs and over to the dining room table, waiting for Sadie to bring the supplies down to them. She handed them the paper and crayons and began drawing their mom some pictures. "She's going to love these pictures we made her." Isabella said with excitement, while coloring.

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