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Thea 🐝

how's the weather in
northern england today ?

too cold as always and it doesn't help
that my cousins keep coming in and out
of the house every five seconds
what are you up to today?

well my family's trying to convince me
to go last minute christmas decoration
shopping before all the shops are
closed for the next few days

you don't have any decorations?
not even like a small tree or something?

no, nothing
you didn't notice when you came
to my apartment yesterday ?

honestly no 😅
why don't you have any decorations?

i mean i think decorations can be
pretty or cool or whatever
it's just that the holidays have never
been that big a deal for my family
i mean my mom was never there for them
and my dad would almost always have to
work or he would be so tired from driving
eighteen hours that he'd barely stay
awake for any of it
i don't blame him or anything, he
did whathe had to support us
i just never attached any
personal importance to it so i don't
tend to decorate or listen to the music
or get excited about it

oh i'm sorry about that :/

don't be
one it's not your fault
and two it's really not a big deal to me
and anyway this year i have my dad
and my brother and we're together
so we can have a good family time

well, when i get back, we should do
our own celebration
it doesn't have to be about christmas
or new year or any of those holidays
it can just be to celebrate us
or idk whatever you want to celebrate
or not
we could just hang out?

is this you asking me out again?

if i said yes would that be something
you'd wanna do?

of course, you dork

and honestly i'm down for just
hanging out and staying in
if that's cool with you

honestly it sounds awesome
i mean i love going out and
watching broadway musicals
like any other theater buff
but sometimes you gotta stay in and
watch the musical movies

yes! totally agree
like mamma mia or the
greatest showman

classics honestly

Thea 🐝 is typing...

i wish i could be with you right now

is it weird that i kinda miss you ?

no i kinda do too :)

good ☺️

umm my mom is calling me
i gotta take this but i'll probably be
able to talk after if you want to

okay, good luck!

thanks, i'll need it 😅

too bad i can't give you
one of those in person

one week! 🤪

counting the days 😊

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