The One

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Jungkook was in the mall one day walking around since it was his free day off work.

"I wonder where I could find a bathroom in this maze of a mall"

Jungkook was in desperate search of the bathroom since he drank lots of water before going to the mall. As Jungkook was looking around he saw a certain someone, or more like a certain something that caught his attention.
Jungkook then forgot all about his need to go to the bathroom and headed straight to the store he saw the beauty that had caught his eye. After purchasing he then went straight home to enjoy his new found love.

When Jungkook got home he straight up went to the room, ignoring everything else, and put his newly purchased thing (?) carefully unto his bed. As Jungkook opened the box he got hit with the smell of freshness that instantly aroused him.

"Mmm~ don't you smell nice" Jungkook spoke to himself as he smelled the new freshly cleaned timberlands he purchased. "I can't wait to see who you would feel... taking in all of me"

Jungkook then proceeded to put the timberlands on his feet, moaning at how they perfectly took him in whole, "Mmm~ Oh you fit perfectly on me UUUUH" (I am so sorry lol) Jungkook moaned quite loudly since he lived alone, feeling himself move inside the timbers and liking the way they felt around him.

"You take me in quite good mmm no one else has made me feel the way you make me feel" Jungkook grunted as he got up from his bed and walked around loving the way his feet felt. That is until a knock on the door disturbed him from his dark fantasies about the timberlands.

Jungkook had to calm himself down before opening the door seeing Jimin in the other side. "Hey Jungkookie you wanna hang?" Jimin questioned as Jungkook looked at him in pain then smirking thinking to himself "if I go out with Jimin hyung today I'll get to feel you all day" Jungkook then agreed to go out and feeling all the pleasure in the world.

I really hate myself right now for making this and pls don't mind my writing skills since I can't write for shit. ITS HORRIBLE  *cries* Blame Carl for this

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