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"There was something I wanted to tell you, but I didn't know how."


A couple days had passed since I had seen Jungkook and a while since I had heard from Jacklyn.

I tried to call her, message her, pretty much blow up any type of social media profile that she had only to find them not available or deleted.

I even tried to visit her apartment, finding the hidden key, and made my way inside to see if she was hanging out in her room, eating ice cream as she hated me for what I had done.

What I found was totally even more confusing. All the lights were off, and all her suitcases were gone. Her drawers were almost empty along with her bathroom necessities and pillows.

She was nowhere to be found.

It was as if she went entirely off the grid. Jungkook had talked about her wanting to leave town. Maybe she took her chance and decided to be completely with herself as she went to Paris.

I was sitting up in the guest bed--my bed--and tried to find any type of social media post of Jacklyn's, letting me know where she was.

Unfortunately, there was still no clue. I could only assume that she packed up and left town to clear her head and get away from the shit fest that resided between all of us.

I heaved a heavy sigh and threw my cell phone into the covers next to me. It felt lonely without my best friend, and it was all my fault.

If I hadn't tucked my tail between my legs and done the responsible thing, I'd still have her with me.

I rubbed my eyes, underneath them were burning from exhaustion. I hadn't been sleeping very well as flashbacks and nightmares were slowly creeping up in my subconscious as I slept.

All about Jordan.

The anger and the fury displayed as bright as day in his green eyes gave me shivers.

My eyes were squeezed shut, trying to push away any bad memory I had of our relationship.

The feeling of his touch seemed to stick against my skin, and I wanted nothing more to scrub it off harshly with the roughest sponge known to man.

Sometimes, I could swear that I hear his voice in my room or his heavy breathing in my ear, but there was no sign of him anywhere in the apartment we shared.

I opened my eyes again and ran a hand through my damp hair from the shower.

He had told me he went to see Jacklyn, to talk to her and see how she was feeling. I had apologized to him a thousand times because of what I had let Jungkook do, but he insisted that he was not mad at me, and everything between us was fine because he understood.

I still didn't understand how I came across such an angel.

My eyes started to close from lack of sleep, a floating sensation was slowly coming over my body.

I could feel my breath start to even out, but everything behind my eyelids were becoming something of a nightmare on acid.

My heart accelerated, and the air felt like it was being taken away from my lungs. Tears were burning my eyes as I felt true fear sear through me like a raging, angry fire.

I jumped up from the bed, an overwhelming feeling taking over my body. I wanted to run, to break the windows, to tear the room apart to just relieve this feeling.

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