Kisses Of Necessity

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  "Be slow to fall into friendship, but when you are in, continue firm and constant."~Socrates 


Agent Katherine Sadiq was the definition of the idiom beating the odds. In fact, she absolutely demolished them.

 Even with her gender, ethnicity, and religion working against her, she triumphed, fought her way to the top and became an American Agent of Homeland Security.

Everything about her was impressive: her career, her credentials, her beauty. Everything. Which meant that Jack should have fallen head over heels the second he met her. And that's exactly what Jack had done. At first. 

In fact, he had practically begged the woman for a date. 

Yet, now, two years later, after tiptoeing along the precipice of Death, he couldn't get it up. And by that, he meant his feelings for Agent Sadiq.

(Everything else was in tip-top shape, thank you very much.) 

It wasn't that he wasn't interested in her, it was just that his mind was preoccupied at the moment. Entirely distracted by his thoughts.

 Officially, the case was closed.




Yet, unofficially. . .

Jack raked the grilled asparagus across his plate absentmindedly. He usually loved them, but now the vegetables left a charred taste in his mouth.

The ambiance of the restaurant was set perfectly. With the lights turned down low, the tables few and far in between, the room screamed Business-Romantic.

 Business-Romantic. . . 

Jack quietly scoffed.

 As if those two weren't on different ends of the spectrum. One could think they were going to dinner for a business arrangement and then suddenly find themselves caught in a saccharine rendezvous. 

Similar to the one that Jack was currently in. 

The waiter came and went, stopping at their table once to drop off a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, only after Jack had fumbled his way through the French menu. 

Not because he wasn't fluent in French, but because his tongue wasn't cooperating. 

His mind kept in wandering towards V.C.Which made him feel like an awful person. What kind of person thought about another woman on a date with a different one? 

Jack shoved another roasted vegetable into his mouth, the tip of the fork scraping across his bottom teeth.

 It wasn't like he was thinking of her romantically.

 He just couldn't believe he agreed to work the case with her again. Just when he was due to get rid of her. 

"--don't you think?"

Jack glanced up from his plate to find the questioning gaze of Katherine Sadiq fixed on him. He was so sidetracked, he had no idea what she had been talking about. Jack swallowed his mouthful and swore under his breath.

"I'm sorry, what were you saying?"

Katherine smiled and shook her head slightly, pushing her Coq au Vin Blanc around on her plate. 

"Are you all right? You seem to have been in your head the whole evening!"

Jack shot her an apologetic look and swirled the wine around in his untouched glass. "I'm sorry, Katherine. It's just this case that I've been working. It's got me distracted. . ."

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