Facts About Frexy

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Here are some facts about Frexy, just remember that some of them were NOT mentioned in the story while some were :)

* Frexy is like me in real-life, I get scared easily, really shy when I meet new people, and can be quiet at most times
* Even though I'm not a good singer in real-life, Frexy can actually sing quite well (which will be revealed in a future fan-fiction)
* Frexy speaks in a Fluttershy/Foxy voice (I'll record her voice and upload it to YouTube soon)
* Before, I didn't know what Frexy's eye color was going to be until I decided to give her brown eyes (which is my eye color in real-life)
* This wasn't mentioned in the story but at one point, Frexy was a male, the reason was because I was scared to reveal my real gender but later overcame my fears and told the truth about myself
* Frexy has stage fright
* Frexy's favorite season is Fall
*Drawing is one of Frexy's hobbies
*Frexy likes any kind of music besides rap and heavy metal

I don't have a lot of facts about her yet but I'll think of more soon :) if you have any questions you like to ask Frexy (me), please comment down your questions and I'll answer them as soon as I can.

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