Seven Minutes in Heaven

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Marco's POV

I sat by the snacks' bar, trying to remember the events of what happened the previous night. Apparently, according to Janna, I had gotten drunk out of my mind and she and Tom had to bring me back to my apartment.

I sighed in defeat. 'If that's true, then I probably said I'd come tonight.' I thought, rubbing my temples.

"Geez," I said to myself. I looked back to the small group gathering that consisted of Star, Janna, Jackie and Tom. I leaned against the snacks' table, watching closely to what the four were doing.

"Okay, I'll explain the game," Janna started. Now I was really interested. "Whoever the bottle lands on, that person and the spinner have to go into that closet," —she pointed to a walk in closet— "and do whatever for seven minutes."

"Are you seriously doing that?" I asked, rolling my eyes. Janna looked up to me with a smirk, which meant no good. "Wanna join, Marco?"

I sighed. 'It couldn't hurt right? As long as I don't get--'

"Earth to Marco, you okay?"

I was taken out of my thoughts by Tom. I nodded quickly before quickly taking my place opposite him in the small circle they had previously made. I felt my cheeks warm up.

"I'll go first!" Janna exclaimed, before spinning the bottle. The small glass bottle spun around a few times before it landed on Star. Star's face flushed a deep red and laughed awkwardly.

The two girls stood up and went to the closet, letting Jackie lock it behind them. For the first few minutes, we didn't hear a thing, almost like there wasn't anyone in the closet. However, that soon ended when we heard a loud bang come from the closet.

None of us wanted to know what was happening next.

No One's POV

Once the timer went off to signal seven minutes were over, Jackie was sadly forced to unlock the closet door. She felt slightly bad that she was the one to call off her friends' making out session.

With a sigh, Jackie pushed the key into the keyhole and twisted it. The closet doors flung open, and Janna and Star felt onto Jackie.

"Looks like you two had a nice time." The demon said, not wanting things to get awkward.


This time, it was Tom's turn to spin the bottle. Looking at everyone around him, there was really only one person he hoped it would land on. Spinning the bottle, everyone was silently waiting on who it would land on.

After, what felt like forever, the bottle stopped on none other than Marco Diaz. The three girls all had sick grins on their faces as they pushed the two boys into the closet and locked it.

The two sat awkwardly for a few minutes, not knowing what to do or what to say.

Marco's POV

I shifted my eyes around the semi lit room. This was way to awkward for my liking.

Taking a steadying breath, I glanced over to Tom. I opened my mouth to say something, but I couldn't. I just stared at him. His deep pink hair that almost looked like a red, soft pastel- ish purple skin, his horns that have grown much over the years. I felt my face flush.

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