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We finally arrive at our new house. I have to say.. It's not too bad. It's bigger than our other house.

I park in front of the house since my parents parked the u-haul in the driveway. I turn off my car and slowly get out.

We begin to take boxes and furniture into the house.

"Hey mija, why don't you go upstairs and pick out your room." My dad says with a small smile. I send him one back and slowly make my way upstairs.

I walk through all 5 rooms. Which seems a lot for only my parents and I.

I'm not an only child. I have a brother, but he's all the way in California. He's fulfilling his dream of acting. Which I'm proud of him. I still have 2 years of high school to go through.

I finally pick out a room. It's not the biggest but it's also not the smallest. It has beautiful lavender walls. Something about it seems really nice and peaceful. Also it has its own bathroom. Which is a good thing, so I don't have to see my parents so often. Believe me I love them, but they can be a pain.

I go downstairs and start to grab some of my  boxes and bring them to my room. My dad helps me bring up my bed, dresser, and tv stand. I easily bring up my tv and set it up on the stand. I take my ps4 out of one of the boxes and hook it up. I sit on my gaming chair and begin to play NBA 2k18.

Ariana's POV

"Ugh I'm so not ready for school tomorrow." I whisper as I plop down on my bed.

"How can you not be ready? You're gonna be announced as the cheer captain tomorrow." My friend Liz reminds me while spinning in my makeup chair.

I sigh, "Idk. I guess I'm just nervous. It's our junior year and A.C.T. tests are going to be super stressful." I rub my forehead with four fingers and stare up at the ceiling.

"Well that's months away Ari. You shouldn't be stressed about it right now. Also you haven't seen Pete for a month, so you'll have a reason to be at least happy tomorrow." My best friend Doug chimes in. I smile at the sound of my boyfriend's name.

It's been about 4 months since Pete has asked me to be his girlfriend. We started dating before sophomore year ended and I couldn't be any happier. He's such a badass. He also loves Harry potter which just makes him more amazing than he already is. God I miss him so much.

"Hey Earth to Ari." Doug snaps me out of my thoughts.

"You were in deep thought. She was probably thinking about Pete and how she wants to fuck him." Liz chuckles.

"Oh shut up I do not. Not saying he's not fuckable, but I'm not ready to lose my virginity yet." I say with a shy smile.

"That's good. Well hurry up and get ready. Victoria texted me and wants to meet up at Starbucks." I chuckled. I get up and grab my sweater. We then head out.


I'm not really good with writing but if someone likes it I'll keep writing chapters. Lol.

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