sugar swathed lies & wandering eyes'

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I mentally cringed at the sound of my step mother bragging about me to other people, boasting on my progress in school and the things i do around the church, now if it was true i wouldn't mind. Yet the things she is adding into the mix made me want to hide where nobody can find me, i watched as the party went on.

Envious of the people who were more cheerful than me and it was my own party, i jumped at the feeling of someone bumping their hips into mine. Shocked by the sudden pressure added to my body, only to turn around and feel relieved to see hazel standing there with a grin which soon faltered as she saw my dull expression.

" What's got you so down Luna, it's your eighteenth birthday, you should be dancing on the ceilings, " Hazel told, locking her arm with mine and dragging me to where all the sodas and juices resided.

Smiling as she handed me a can of orange fanta, Hazel knew me too well, " I didn't want this, I didn't ask for an expensive hall and for my parents to lie about the things i do just to make themselves look better, " I took a big gulp out of the can, watching Hazel's face overflow with pity for my current situation.

" I've always hated that about your step mom, " she attempted to sympathize, keyword attempted, " What do you say we dance, get a little groovy on the dance floor eh?" I giggled as she tried to move her hips to the beat of the song, the little Italian accent that she tried to mimic only made it ten times funnier.

Dancing and I didn't go to well, but i'd do just about anything to get this whole fail of a party out of my mind, so i let all my worries float away as i placed my drink down and followed Hazel. We danced hand in hand to some upbeat christian song that blared through the speakers.

Minutes felt like hours to me because we only danced to two songs and when we sat down i was exhausted, i could practically hear my heartbeat through my ears. I am such an idiot for deciding to wear a long sleeved dress, yes the hall was pretty chilly but once you get to moving it feels like a sauna.

" Your aunt is coming towards us, brace yourself, " Hazel warns, plastering a toothy grin-that looked anything but sincere-on her full glossed lips, I took a deep breath as I composed myself to face my obnoxious aunt. Turning to her and pulling her into a tight hug in seconds as I mumbled the usual, ' i missed you ' and ' how have you been ?' before I pulled away.

As she went on and on about how great she is I felt proud of myself for my increasing acting skills because I was doing pretty good as I nodded my head and smiled pretending to listen to every word that slipped past her matte lipstick covered lips. Don't get me wrong I didn't hate my aunt, but sometimes she did get annoying because of her continuous chatter and prying to get to know almost everything about you.

This was that sometimes.

" I'm doing great tia, schools the same as always, and you know how it is with church, " I lie straight through my teeth with my hands crossed behind my back, a more than audible gasp emits from my lips as she brings her hand to her mouth to shield her laugh. An engagement ring sat proudly on her thin finger, glimmering under the bright lighting in this large building.

Whoever he is, I hope he's not the same as the last one her previous husband gave me the creeps, " Since when have you been engaged, and why haven't I heard about it ?" I inquire, and this time I really am intrigued. More than excited to know who the new man is, what can I say?, i'm nosy when it comes to things like this.

She smiles as a strawberry tint covers her cheeks and upper ears, swatting her hand at me as if it was no big deal when in reality it was. Not only was I interested but genuinely worried because in the last three years she has been through two marriages and three failed engagements. Guess who had to bring her tissues and listen to her rant for hours?, yes you guessed right, I did.

I could feel Hazel lingering behind me, back pressed to mine as she pretended to take a phone call, but by the feeling of her digging her nails into my palm proved that she was in fact listening to the conversation, " I haven't told anyone so you have to stay quiet, but his name is Harry, and god, he's amazing, " she gushes, hand on her heart as she tells me.

There wasn't any time for me to reply as her name was being called in a loud shout, " Sabrina, there you are, I've been looking everywhere for you babe, " I couldn't get a good look at who was coming up behind her because she didn't turn around, but whoever it was had an accent I have never heard before, a thick one.

Once I did, I was quite pleased with the view, his basil eyes met hers as he brought her into a tight embrace, it was quite odd for me to see someone that excited to see their lover. But as he pulled away and reached out for my hand as he introduced himself, I completely understood what made her cheeks flood with a blush whenever she spoke of the man.

" Harry Styles, " his large hand holds my dainty one perfectly in his palm calloused fingertips grazing against my knuckles gently, enclosing his other hand around mine as he continued, " I've heard many things about you, and this is so cliche, but it's a pleasure to meet you,"

Walnut ringlets that stopped below his ears moved whenever he added extra emphasis to his words, a cream silky blouse clinging to his lean core gloriously, his obsidian colored blazer loose, and first few buttons on his dress shirt were not even enclosed, letting a few pieces of chest hair spill through.

I can assure you I never was a fan of chest hair but he worked it so well, I caught myself in the midst of checking him out and taking mental pictures for later, I cleared my throat shakily as he released my hands from his undeniably firm grip.

" Luna Marie, and even more cliche, but the pleasure is all mine " my tone was soft, clammy hands rubbing against the velvet dress I had on in an attempt to calm my nerves, but I swear to god, I meant every word.

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