"Tell your dog to shut the hell up"

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I couldn't breathe, I sat up and I was covered in sweat I looked around my bed throwing the covered around and finally found my phone. The clock read 3 am, I dialed up Chris, I let a breath out when I finally heard his voice.
His rusty voice comes on the phone covered in sleep "Hello?" I couldn't speak "I'm ok, I'm alive and well ok? I'd call you if I was dead." I felt better about his joke, I let out a weak ok before hanging up.
I'm not ok but I'm better.

Chris and I stopped living together a few months ago, he let me take Shepard the dog with me since he was trained for me.
There's this feeling I've got that he's still around. But I saw him, he was shot down and he fell and his eyes rolled into the back of his head.
I can't think of a way he could be alive but I'm cared, I'm happy here, I'm ok here with my dog and my apartment, I've got a good thing going here. So if he comes and messed it up, that'll be the end of me.
I looked at the dog who laid in my lap and I sighed before getting up to go get something to eat in the late night.
I felt him hug my side as I stood on my tip toes to get a macaroni cup.

I'm 20 years old and about the size of a teenage girl. I'm not sure if I have to scare the growth spurt out of me like the hiccups or what but I'm willing to give it a shot.

I had to work tomorrow afternoon so I decided I should get some sleep.
But Shepard's low growl stopped me.
Making me freeze in place, his deep barking filled the stuff air making me jump. I looked at him as he barked at the door for a minute. I felt my heart begin to slow back down until a hard banging on the door stopped me.
I looked at the large dog.
Begin him, hoping and praying to the dog Jesus if he was real.

If there was any a time for a dog to talk it would be now because I need a reason not to open the door.

After swallowing a few breathes and two more harsh knocks. I unlocked the door and opened it. A man stood there, he looked sleepy yet annoyed eyes and a frown settled on his lips. He had a hoodie with some sweat pants in to shield him from the cold. "H-hello" I looked up, yes up, because being short and so far to the ground I've got no where else to look but up.Yeah your fucking dog needs to shut the hell up" he growled making Shepard peek his head out from behind him. I looked down at the dog as he started relax a little. "S-sorry he's kind of a guard dog something must've scared him." I stood there taking in the mans features he had a spritz of freckled across his face a bit, he had dark brown hair was taller than me as every one seems be at this point I was starting to get annoyed with it. The though of getting some inserts in to my shoes to grow me an inch or two has crossed my mind a few times but I've never carried through with it. I noticed his once frown slowly forming into a smirk, I realized I had been staring for a minute or two. "O-oh sorry, I'll try and keep him quiet" he chuckled a little bit, "no don't be sorry it gave me a reason to visit my cute floor mate." I felt my neck get hot and I made my glance towards my shoes. "Oh, well, I'm Noah I moved here a few months ago" he nodded "that must've been you cursing about 'dumb bed instruction' and 'sleeping on the floor or in a sleeping bag because you don't need this shit.' A few weeks ago" I felt the blush spread up to my ears at him hearing me get angry at building my bed. "I'm not every good with tools" he leaned against the door stuffing his hands in his pocket. "But your dog has woken me up a few times before you know and I'm not sure how much I can take." I looked down shamefully at Shepard "ok, I'll try and make sure he's ok-" he crossed his arms "really, because I have a feeling you're gonna say the same thing next time it happens won't you?" I didn't have anything to say I tried to stutter something out but it didn't go so well. "How's this? If You come see a movie with me this Friday I'll look past being woken up 4/7 nights in the week for a month, but after that you'll have to renew your payment." He winked at me I tugged at the hem of my shirt nervously "what movie is it?" I asked quietly making him grin. "It's a surprise."

After he went back to his apartment I closed my door, I felt a pit of happiness in my stomach as I crawled back into bed.

"I'm gonna be ok, I'm gonna get better."

Hey ya lil shits i missed ya but it's time to start this shit back up and I've got shit sitting on the back burner so I hope you're ready ;)) tell me how you think their dates gonna go.

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