Hot and rude!

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-come in Demi!-phill said
-Niiick!come here now.-Phill shutted as they got into home
Nick came with his shirt opposite
-oh...-Demi said as she made a MUG face
-I'm Demi
-I know,heard from you , Simple girl!
-Nick!-phill said
-no it's okay,he is right
-Ofcourse I am,sit down guys
they talked about the management work and everything then after 2 hours they were about to leave
-okay we gotta go now-Phill said
-you ready Demi?
-yeah alright lets go
-I'll escort you to the door
-Thanks and not funny-Phill said
Nick let out a little laugh as he croaked his head
-Phill go turn the car on I have smth to tell my new manager
-alright hoof
-yea?-demi said as she turned around to see his face
-So simple girl ...-nick said as he bited his lower lip
-how about some cuddles,tonight?then we can know eachother better
Demi made a shook face
-hey look,I don't care if you're my boss or what but sorry I'm not that type of Easy girls and you know that you can't fire me from my job untill Phill wants to and I'm in no way interested in you okay
-yes woah and next time remember to wear your shirt the right way-Demi said and she headed to Phill's car without a goodbye
-Oh my god she's so insufferable
-shit - he said as he looked at his shirt and took it off and watched them leaving and Demi looking from the window , he did an eye roll , got in home and closed the door
omfg he's so dumb who the fuck he think he is I mean yes ofcourse he is hot and handsome but I'm not a bitch What The Fuck
*sat in the car*
-everything alright?-Phill said as he knew what happened,he knows Nick well
-yea it's okay-Demi said as she started looking out from window and saw Nick without shirt and just thought with herself "I'm not going to fall from such a fuck boy,screw him"

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