Chapter 4

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-The Vanishing Of Will Byers part IV-

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-The Vanishing Of Will Byers part IV-

For some reason she knew exactly where Will's house was, even though she'd never been. She ran as fast as she could, no longer thinking as her feet pounded against pavement, wearing through the bottoms her old black converse. She had one, and only one objective. Get to Will before the Demogorgon does. All thoughts of what she would do if she was to see said Demogorgon or where they would go to afterwards were quickly pushed into the back of her mind. A small one story house came into view. Then, the sound of a monster entered her ears. Pine followed the noise. First she ran into the house, quickly checking each room.

"WILL!" She screamed "WILL!"

No response.

The watery grumble if the Demogorgon returned. This time, Pine heard it coming from the backyard. So, tearing through the back door Pine screamed again.


Her fist burned, consequence of pounding a shed door open.

"PINE!" Will screamed

It didn't take much time to spot the boy, hand outstretched and reaching out for her. He was being dragged through the wall, through a hole of decay.


Pine reached out to the boy. It took a few tries until they got a good hold on each other's hands, enough to have any hope of pulling him out. The Demogorgon was strong, Pine leaned back, tried running, and just about anything that brought any sort of force strong enough to pull him out. The Demogorgon had an unfair weight advantage, being so big against the small twelve-year-old Pine. Suddenly, Pine fell painfully against the ground, seconds later having something slimy fall on top of her. It took a moment of realization but, it was Will who had fallen on top of her. He was slimy from the waist down as a result of being in the decaying hole.

"Will!" Pine threw herself onto him after they'd helped each other up, both hugging the other tightly.

"How did you? Why were you? How- What- I..." Will tried to ask a million questions all in one sentence.

The hug ended, Will smiled at Pine. Pine smiled back, the first real smile she'd smiled since... They shouldn't have let go...



The first thing Pine saw was a white ceiling. She couldn't quite place which ceiling, and this wasn't her ceiling. She sat up alarmed. Looking around she realized it had been a false alarm. This was her new room, her room in Hawkins Indiana. It took her a moment to remember how she'd gotten there, her room that is. What about Will? Wait, where was Will? How did she get here? The most reasonable explanation was that she just walked into her room after setting up the secret room she'd found but, that didn't explain how she'd been in Will's shed. With a long history of nightmares and anxiety attacks, the most reasonable answer would be one of those but, it left her feeling lied too followed by a chilled aftertaste.

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