Guest Post: Purpose of Ramadan

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Guest Post by  mystery-redefined.

Alhamdulilah! Half of Ramadan is almost over. But, what have we taken from it? Sure, in another 15 days, Ramadan will be over. Life will be back to normal. The shayateen will be out. We will go back to our own ways.

Is this the real reason why we fast?

"We fast an entire month keeping away from what is halal. So, when Ramadan is over, we appreciate what's halal. And, this helps us to keep away from what is haram."- Mufti Menk (*not his exact words.)

I don't know in what more beautiful words could the purpose of Ramadan be explained than those above.

It is indeed hard to break a bad habit, but you have already stopped doing that for a month. Then why does it become so hard afterwards? Because the shayateen have been set free? That is just an excuse!!

Break one, just one, bad habit and build one good habit. That's all.

So, if we live to see a few Ramadans (inshaAllah) and we follow this method, then we will become better Muslims. Ameen.

For example - Break the bad habit of skipping prayers and build a good habit by praying at least 5 times. Or totally neglecting to read Quran before and now reading at least on page.

You know where you lack in your iman so better it and come close to Allah even after Ramadan.

-- JazakAllah khair  mystery-redefined for the reminder! 

Follow-up post on giving up bad habits and developing good habits coming up next!

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